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Band of Brothers

For want of something to read on the train last week, I picked up a book from the boxful Rog gave to us a few months ago, just before work took him to Melbourne: Stephen E. Ambrose's Band Of Brothers. In case you're wondering, it's what the Steven Spielberg TV series is based on. I wasn't sure what the written experience would be like - I usually prefer fiction to historical texts, I have this prejudice that they're boring reads - but it turns out that this book is very interesting. It directly details the experiences of Easy Company of the 101st Airborne during World War II, from training to Berlin, and it's the personal details of the soldiers, from interviews with the men themselves, that make it such a good read.

I'm sure Boots will be glad I'm reading this, in part because it's getting me keen on Battlefield 1942, but also because I wouldn't mind reading up on some of the broader history of World War II after I'm done with it. I don't really remember high school history in any great detail, and Dad's always been dismissive of a lot of the recent American fiction based on WWII. He reckons he doesn't need to see the US taking the credit for winning the war, but Band Of Brothers paints a picture of a very active US involvement in the European thatre, even if it took the Japanese hitting Pearl Harbour to get America's attention. I want to get some more historical perspective on the matter, and I get the feeling Boots will be only too willing to help, just so he can have yet another person to discuss the War with.

We'll probably have to borrow his DVD set of Band of Brothers sometime.

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