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Quantity Over Quality?

Hola muchachos. (That is right, isn't it? I've been watching Episode 19 of Red Vs. Blue again.) I just had a quick look at the website, and noticed that my postings calendar has a bold date for every day since I got this blog running. I think I've put up two rants/editorials this month (the latter of which was going to be a straight news post until it got too long), and on the other days, there have often been two news posts per day. I'm beginning to wonder whether my IMAGinewS members are getting annoyed with the quantity of postings. On the other hand, my news posts back on the old site were often as long as my longer editorials anyway, simply because the annoyance that was updating my site meant I'd only update once per week, and usually less frequently than that, so I had a lot of news saved up between posts. Still, that "quantity over quality" thing is bugging me; I fear that I might start posting for the sake of it (instead of doing things like short stories, etc.) and wind up driving readers off.

Speaking of the old website, it looks like it's back up again. I still can't FTP to it, though. I've been meaning to call Telstra about it, but I've been busy with other things these past couple of nights - Vickie's Guestbook on Tuesday night, and Dan's power supply problem last night.

Dan popped over with his PC, and I extracted Vickie's 350-Watt supply and put it in Dan's to test it. The PC booted up fine. As Dan told me, it's a load off his mind; he was dreading that it may have been a motherboard problem - or, worse, a motherboard and PSU problem. He has some family birthdays coming up, so he thinks he may have to hold off buying a new power supply for a little while. (In the meantime, is there any chance that anyone has a spare 350-Watt [or greater] power supply that they're not using?)

Dan brought his new N-Gage with him. Yes, that's right; Dan's the proud owner of a Nokia N-Gage mobile entertainment unit. It's pretty good, although I wish the screen had more horizontal width, but I found the directional pad a bit awkward to use with the game Dan brought to show off, Tomb Raider. Also, although the picture is clear, I think there are just too few pixels to do a game like Tomb Raider justice; as Dan pointed out to me, Lara Croft's most famous assets look as though they're squeezed into a bra handed down from Madonna. I can safely say I'm in no hurry to get an N-Gage myself, no matter how beaten up my current phone is.

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