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Sixteen Tons...

Well, since I got home this evening, it's been non-stop web development. It seems versions of Internet Explorer earlier than 6.0 aren't laying Vickie's pages out properly, which is a bit of a bugger when you consider the probable volume of non-WinXP users out there. I've been tweaking code and trying different things with the aim of eliminating the problem. The last few tests didn't work, but with any luck, the latest change I made may have fixed things up. My fingers are crossed.

I've also implemented a Guestbook for Vickie. It's up and running right now, so if you've been to Vickie's website, please drop by and leave words of encouragement - and if you've not yet been, what are you waiting for?

So after all that scrabbling around, I think I'll leave off adding any old content to either of the websites this evening. I was also going to harp on about a few other things, but they can wait until tomorrow as well. My back is sore from all the typing and gazing at screens that I've been doing, and I haven't even eaten dinner yet (not that I'm really hungry).

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