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The Things I Do For Love...

... like spending most of yesterday sitting in front of my PC, hard at work on Vickie's website. I resized pictures, experimented with alignments, split individual posts into multiple ones modified HTML and added over thirty poems. There's still more to be done: the layout of the Category pages needs ot be modified, a Guestbook to be set up (that's going to be interesting work), and fifty-four more poems yet to be posted.

All that, and I was still providing cups of coffee on request. God, I must be a good husband or something...

The upside is, I have been getting some wonderful schmoozing from Vickie. In fact, she just told me this morning that I'm brilliant! How's that, eh? :-D

I've also learned a bundle about Movable Type and its tag structure. I've been able to allpy that to some more tweaking of this site. You'll notice it at the bottom of each post in the main index page, the revised format of the categories page and the new category information included on the indivudual apges (as well as being able to go back and forth to posts within the primary category).

I've added a Creative Commons license to my page, and in the same vein have also given permanent credit where credit's due: the Powered By Movable Type section on the main page also includes "Hosted By Herstik Hosting".

Hey Marcus! "Herstik Hosting", how 'bout that? I like it. Got a ring to it.

Anyway, I want make sure that the CC license, Powered By and Hosted By info winds up on every page. The Category one is easy enough, but I might have to do a bit of fiddling with the Daily and Individual archives.

Keep checking back over the next few days/weeks/however long it takes as this site evolves.

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