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Brother, Can You Spare A 350-Watt Power Supply?

Dan's Champions game last night was a good climax to the campaign. Once again, we went up against a giant invisible jellyfish, and once again, Turbine (my character) got put out of the action rather quickly - this time by getting wrapped up in some Spider-Man-Web. This left Magus (Gav's PC) fighting a Teenage Mutant Ninja Croc (as Gav himself said, "Crikey!") and the Huntsman (Rog's character) playing tug-of-war with the invisible jellyfish; the "rope" was the temporarily named non-player character Captain Kangaroo, a Tennage Mutant Gun-Toting Roo whom OzWatch (our superhero team) had recruited after a previous adventure near Uluru (Ayres Rock). Black Hole (John's character) managed to trap two ne'er-do-wells in a Sphere of Darkness, and when Nightshade (Vickie's character) used her powers of illusion to convince the jellyfish that the water around it was boiling (so well, in fact, that the jellyfish was actually hurting) and the Huntsman pinned the Evil Leader to a wall with some spider-web, it was all over bar the arrests and threats of "This isn't over, OzWatch!"

We farewelled Rog a couple of hours ago; he crashed at our place last night after the game. His plane for Melbourne leaves at around one. We hope to see him again before he returns to the UK in early November; with any luck, he may be moving out here to stay some time. Our fingers are crossed; Rog is a quality bloke.

Dan's still planning his next campaign set in the original Bubblegum Crisis universe, but he's hit a snag - the PC I sold him a while back is refusing to work. It seems to be getting power - the screen (which plugs into the power supply) still works, and the RAM indicator light on the motherboard is receiving power, but it simply refuses to switch on.

Dan thinks that either the power supply unit or the motherboard is on the fritz and may need replacing. I mostly concur with his prognosis, but I started wondering this morning whether his 300-Watt PSU is suddenly no longer able to cope with the demands placed on it. The symptoms are similar to a problem I had with Vickie's PC after her last upgrade, where it wouldn't switch on until the sixth or seventh try (and sometimes you had to leave it alone for ten minutes between tries), and that was fixed with a higher-Wattage PSU. The thing is, Vickie's problem was immediate, whereas Dan has had that PC for about six months or so and it's only just happened.

I'd like to test his problem out with a spare PSU, but the only ones I have lying around are 250-Watt jobs, which are surely underpowered for the task of running an AMD Athlon XP 1800+ processor and a GeForce3 video card.

So: Does anyone have a spare 350-Watt PSU that they're not using? How soon could Dan or I get our hands on it? And if it does get Dan's system up and running again, could we buy it from you?

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