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Vickie's Up And Running!

Hi everybody! I just thought I'd let you know that Vickie's new website, The Midustouch, is up and running! Vickie's put up her first news post, and has also included some photos of her jewellery. Please nip over and take a look!

I'm still planning the design for both of our sites. Movable Type is versatile, but getting it to do more than the default means learning its marker tags and figuring out how they're used. So, getting a pair of full-featured sites that work the way we want them to is going to take a while. Still, when you go to movabletype.org and take a look at some of their featured sites, you can see how all that work can pay off. A lot of the layouts and functions these people have designed into their sites are just fantastic. One great example is The Girlie Matters. This creative person has not only a fully-featured website, but also a personal blog and a Tips & Tricks blog for Movable Type, SQL, PHP and all the other fun yet complex ingredients of her site.

Oh, and she's a redhead too.

Anyway, as I was saying: I'm trying to figure out a way to get the various archives working as I want them to:

  • I want my News & Musings section to show previous News & Musings by month, with the ability to jump backward and forward between months.
  • I want my Editorials section to show a single, full editorial by page, with a table of contents down the left (or right) side and the ability to move backward and forward between Editorials in date order.
  • I want my RPG Stuff, Reviews and Short Stories sections to list all their respective entries (in date order for Short Stories and alphabetical order for the RPG Stuff and Reviews), with just the Excerpts or Entry Bodies, linking to an individual page with the full entry (again, plus the ability to move backward and forward between and Reviews or Short Stories in date order and RPG items in alpha order).

I have the feeling that I'm going to need to scrutinise the existing Category, Date Based and Individual archive templates very carefully in order to learn what they do and how they do it, then chuck them and use my own ones custom-built to meet the above requirements. Once I have that nailed, though, getting both our sites working the way they want shouldn't be too much of a problem.

And afterwards, I have to get the look of my site the way I want that. Vickie's site pretty much looks the way she wants already; the changes I need to make there are more along the lines of organising the archives (much as I want to do with mine). She also wants a Guestbook set up - that's how I stumbled across Girlie's Tips blog, in fact. Girlie is a regular over on the Movable Type Support Forum, and she's actually explained how she used Movable Type to get a Guestbook up and running. I'll have to look at implementing that soon.

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