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Tactical Dogfighting From the Sidelines

For the past three hours or so, Dan and Gav have been waging tense aerial battle on our dinner table. The score has been one-nil to Gav for a little while, but in the turn just gone, Dan managed o even the score by downing one of Gav's Brigands. In case you've not guessed, Dan and Gav are having a friendly game of Crimson Skies.

It all started earlier this evening, when I got a phone call from Dan, keen for some CS action. It turns otu that he'd been virtually kicked out of home by Leslie, who was keen to have a night to herself in front of the telly. It was Australia's first match-up in the Rugby World Cup, you see, and they were playing Argentina at Telstra Stadium (formerly known as Stadium Australia, the venue for the 2000 Sydney Olympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies). Australia won 24-8, but apparently their quality of play isn't inspiring any confidence at the moment.

As Gav has two full squadrons' worth of planes, we tried calling him; apparently, he was in a mobile coverage blackspot between seven and eight, as I was only able to reach him after he got home. Dan and I picked him up from Hornsby at around half past nine. I'd already set up the game board and a three-way match was suggested, but I wanted to get back into playing with the new website a bit, so Dan borrowed Gav's Red Skull Legion (complete with Ace pilot Jonathan "Genghis" Kahn) while Gav stuck with the Broadway Bombers (plus Ace pilot Loyle "Show-stopper" Crawford). It's one o'clock, and the game has yet to end conclusively - which is a worry, if Gav wants to avoid sleeping over. (Not that we really mind having guests over; it's just that the spare bed isn't made up right now.)

I've spent most of the game time in the computer room, manually loading old news, rants and a few reviews and RPG articles into Movable Type. I'm trying to figure out how to get archiving to wok how I want it to; I want to have the category archives broken down into periods of time.

I've noticed that Dan is quite a cerebral Crimson Skies player; he likes to take his time and consider his options before committing to a move (in part because he's still learning). It makes for a challenging game, but also a slow one, unfortunately. I just went out to check on them; they're deciding that this turn will be the last, and they're still only one plane down each. Gav's been taking photos with his digital camera throughout, so hopefully we'll have some gameplay pictures to show off soon.

It looks very much like Gav's going to part ways with his Red Skull Legion, if and when Dan raises some readies for them. Gav already has his eyes on an upcoming squadron pack, the Black Swans, and I'm wondering when he'll decide he no longer wants the Broadway Bombers any more. I commented to Gav that he's becoming the crack dealer of our Crimson Skies group; he buys the squadrons and their aces, plays them himself until the novelty runs out, then sells them on to interested players. He's got me and now Dan this way so far (although I did buy the Fortune Hunters' aces myself).

Later today, Vickie and I are going to be off to Dan's for the final session in his Champions game. We'll be catching up with Rog, who's up from Melbourne for the weekend, and hopefully John Osterberg, who'm we've nto seen in a little while. Boots was planning to come, but his union sprung an action meeting on him for tonight, and as a main union rep, he has to attend. We wish him well; it seems like he has a bit of an uphill fight to improve conditions at his place of work (as we understand what Boots has told us, they're pretty shabby.)

It's half past one, and the lads just left. The final score was two planes to one, but I can't remember who had the majority (I think it was Gav).

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