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Echoes of the Blue and Grey

If you've been trying to browse this site over the past ten minutes or so, you've probably been witness to some awkward changes in style and layout. I was making some experimental attempts to get the site looking a little snazzier. They failed. Rather miserably.

So, wanting my site to look snazzier than the defult without having to do too much work this very minute, I went to the Movable Type web site to choose one of their sample styles. As it 's an approximate match the blue/grey colour scheme of the old site, and because we watched the four-plus-hour epic recently, I downloaded the style called "Gettysburg".

I'm still going to tweak the style and page tempaltes of this site in the near future; I have a good idea how I want it to look. The trick is figuring out how to program that look in HTML/CSS.

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