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Labour Day 2003

Hi everybody! Vickie and I had a nice long lie-in this morning. God, I love Long Weekends... Oh, for those of you out-of-state/country, this weekend is the Labour Day Long Weekend. Of course, in Sydney, this means that Necronomicon is on. Neither Vickie or I will be there, though - see, the first weekend of October is unusually rife with birthdays. My Uncle Joe's is tomorrow, and as Aunt Ned's is Thursday (yes, they're married), the family tend to have the dinner for them on the same day. And, of course, the birthday of my lovely, esteemed Vickie is on Monday. So, I'm very much too busy for con-going. It's nice to have a legitimate excuse...

Best wishes to Gav and Boots, who are entering the Crimson Skies tournament on Sunday, and especially to Boots, who's continuing his trend of public self-flagellation by writing and running yet another freeform. I think if a con occurs in Sydney without Boots running something, the Sydney gaming community will be wondering whether he's had a nervous breakdown.

Vickie has put some of her jewellery work up for sale on eBay. Please have a browse, and if you see anything you like, why not put a bid in? Christmas is coming up soon, so get your prezzies for your family and friends here!

Whilst in the city on Tuesday evening, I decided to do some game-store browsing, and found a copy of Robin's Laws of Good Game Mastering for $23. Figuring it might help lift this funk I've been in over Black Talon, I picked it up - and I was right. It's 32 pages of not just helpful hints and good advice, but also, and more importantly, encouragement, something that every other GM's guide or section in the main rulebook I've ever read seems to skimp on. If you're a GM, it's a worthwhile buy. Make sure to get a current printing, though, as the first printing was missing a whole table. Thankfully, as it was first printed in 2001 or so, that shouldn't be too hard.

We're still on track for the UK in november. The Cazman has graciously agreed to house-sit for us while we're overseas, and to him we're very thankful.

Has anyone heard from or spoken to Marcus, lately? I've been waiting for him to get back to me on the permissions problems his server keeps inflicting on me, and the last I read or heard from him was over a week ago. His mobile's never on, of course.

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