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Going Once, Going Twice...

Morning everyone! It's been a pretty good weekend so far. Vickie and I did some shopping in Chatswood yesterday, and I managed to sell my RPG stuff on eBay for far and beyond over what I was expecting to get! After eBay deducts its fees for posting items for auction and its cut of the winning bids, I'll be walking away with a little over $160!

I'm still debating whether to put some of the other stuff up for auction. Not for sentimental reasons; it's just that I'm not sure whether it's worth paying $2 to post something that I doubt will sell well. You know, stuff like the Lawnmower Man RPG, the Men in Black RPG, my first and second editions of the Mutant Chronicles RPG. I'm even debating putting some of my comics collections on eBay; mostly the stuff I don't read any more like Azrael, Iron Man, the first couple of Darkminds mini-series and maybe some of the TransFormers stuff. (Oh, yeah; I don't think that I mentioend that I've cancelled a lot of my Phantom Zone subscriptions. However, I'm still staying with Phantom Zone; as there's a good bead shop in Chatswood, Vickie and I both have reason to pootle down there on a monthly basis.)

I also managed to sell off most of my Star Wars D20 stuff to Gav. I'm keeping the Revised Edition rulebook, because that's all I'm ever likely to need, but Gav now has my Dark Side Sourcebook, Rebellion Era Sourcebook, Alien Anthology and Living Force Campaign Guide, plus the first edition Star Wars D20 rules (I'm pretty sure he has the Revised Edition rulebook already), and he purchased all that product for $100!

I've already had a light splurge. Boots and Gav have got into Crimson Skies Clix, and as it's such a cheap buy-in (the boxed set of rules costs AU$16, and a squadron of four planes costs $30-$35) they roped me into it as well. I got in a little cheaper than otherwise; Gav originally bought the Fortune Hunters squadron, but wanted to switch to the Red Skull Legion, and as the gaming shop near where I work had them, I bought them for him, and he gave me $15 and the Fortune Hunters (I don't know why, but I rather like the idea of playing the dashing air pirates). Boots, Gav and I played on Friday night, and it was much fun. Boots was going to meet us in Chatswood yesterday after having lunch with family so he and I could have another game in the afternoon, but he was just getting ready to leave his place as we were just getting ready to leave Chatswood - at half past one PM. Slack bugger.

Boots and Gav are planning to enter in the Crimson Skies tournament at this year's Necronomicon, and I think they'll be twisting my arm to enter as well. Also, Boots is looking for someone who owns the Broadway Bombers squadron, so he can split Aces Pack 1 with them. He wants "Charlie" Steele, but not Loyle "Show-stopper" Crawford. Can anyone help him - or, can anyone else be suckered into buying Crimson Skies (and the Broadway Bombers) for themselves?

In the meantime, I'm thinking of picking up the Aces Pack for the Fortune Hunters, which actually has two aces for the same squadron, and I'm sure that if the Ragin' Cajuns squadron is released, Gav will be wanting to split Aces Pack 3 with whomever is keen on them, so he can get the Jonathan "Genghis" Kahn ace plane. I still need to buy some more Black Talon miniature supplies as well, so I'm going to have to make a dash into the city on a Thursday evening or a weekend and find out whether the Tin Soldier has any of what I need - if not, I'll be putting an order in with the gaming store up the road from work.

And there's Dad's Day coming up. And we still need a new aerial. And Vickie's Birthday is early October. And I still have the credit card to pay off. And then there's the trip to Cairns in January... God damn it, I'm going all Scottish again. Not good. Lighten up, Rob. Go buy yourself that TransFormers: Armada trailerless Optimus Prime you saw in Toys 'R' Us yesterday or something. Heck, go get fit; skip rope some more.

Anyway, the main reason we were in Chatswood yesterday is because Vickie has a new hobby: jewellery-making. She's been browsing bead-shops and casing eBay for bead collections, gold wire, chains and the like, and she's put together some good pieces. She's keen on setting herself up a serious sideline in jewellery; in fact, she'd prefer to quit working and concentrate on jewellery-making full time, if it becomes lucrative enough.

This means she's now keen on getting a serious web-site that she can use as an online showcase for her product (Gav, I'll probably be taking you up on your offer of a loan of yoru digital camera soon). I've taken a break from fiddling with Movable Type and Apache lately, as I started hitting some problems. Now, I'm going to be getting seriously stuck back into it, which means some things - such as the Black Talon campaign - may have to take a back-seat for the time being.

Which must be very annoying for my players. I'd just spent the past few weeks pimping the idea of Blue Booking to everyone, and Dan and I were just getting started. (Don't tell anyone, though, but I'm secretly a little relieved; after doing my big song-and-dance, I started wondering whether I was biting off more than I could chew by managing Blue Book-by-e-mail and a monthly campaign.)

So if I don't post too much over the next two weeks, it's just because, in between work and web-development, I'll be well and truly sick of computers.

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