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(Not the) Sale of the Century

Evening everyone! I was going to write something on Sunday, but found myself wanting to stay the heck away from my PC after about 5 PM.

I just looked over our bills situation for August. Factoring in the triple-hit of rent, I'm going to have around $80 for the entire month. I want to sink $42 of that into my credit card, and make a token deposit in the Christmas Club. Vickie has to pay around $600 in rates this month for her place in Cairns that she's renting out. This means we're going to be quite stingy this month, especially as we have a guest arriving from Perth on the ninth. Ergo, no computer games, not even Tron 2.0, until October at the earliest (maybe, as we have a trip to Cairns in January to shell out for, not even before January '04). Even the TV aerial, which I was hoping to buy in July, is going to have to wait until September. I thought that I'd have my tax refund in by now, but I've yet to receive any documentation from my various superannuation accounts. It looks like it's time for me to do some phoning.

After some due consideration, I've decided that the Telstra cable vs. iiNet ADSL battle has been won by Telstra. Although iiNet comes across as better value for money, we're a little greedy when it comes to performance. I occasionally download stuff that would otherwise take ages, and Telstra's performance has been rock-solid over the past few months; no outages, no drop-outs. After what I've read about the decreased bandwidth and unreliability of ADSL, I'm thinking about giving in and swallowing the extra $40 per month to get us some decent, Movable Type-capable webspace (and I'm still yet to receive a decent answer from Telstra on whether their Premium Hosting meets MT's requirements).

With a little luck, I might have some money back from the taxman before things get dire. In the meantime, Dan has loaned me his digital camera, a nifty little Nikon Coolpix, which I will be using to take some photos of my old RPG stock for eBay purposes. I'm even (horror of horrors) thinking of selling my old Wing Commander games; none of them will run properly under XP, and the older ones I can't even run at all (I don't have a 5.25" disk drive, let alone a low-end Pentium 1, that I could run them on). I have the feeling that the collector's value might well make them worthwhile offering. I'd changed my mind on selling the Xbox and kit after Cameron bought me an Official Xbox Shoulder Bag for my birthday, but things getting tight again has put it back on the cards. If anyone's keen, I've dropped my, perhaps unrealistic, selling-price of $600 to $300 or nearest offer. At that bargain price, you're getting:

  • An Xbox Console with Standard AV Connector and Advanced AV connector (S-Video/Digital Audio).
  • An Official Xbox Carrybag with Shoulder Sling.
  • Four Controllers, two Big, two Small.
  • Halo, the system's premiere first-person shooter.
  • Enter The Matrix, the action game based on the hit movie The Matrix: Reloaded.
  • MechAssault, bringing big Mechs to the Xbox in explosive style.
  • Rallisport Challenge, one of the best rally racing games on console.
  • Sega Soccer Slam, the fun, tongue-in-cheek sports game.
  • Dead Or Alive 3, the visually spectacular martial arts fighting game.
  • Fuzion Frenzy, the Xbox's first party title.

All components and most games are in good condition, the only exception being Fuzion Frenzy, which I purchased as a used title.

Episode 4 of Heavy Gear: Black Talon finally ran on Saturday. Although the plot I had prepared was well and truly derailed by my players, things still went fairly smoothly, and the whole crew professed to a good time. We're tentatively looking at September the 20th as the date for Episode 5, although we're still discussing what we'd like to actually do in that episode.

Boots and I have been swapping demos; he downloaded Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of World War II and I, of course, downloaded the new Tron 2.0 single-player demo. We played a little Secret Weapons last night, and I will say that it's good fun, although I'd still like to be able to voice-chat. I'm going to see if I can get him to play some Disc Arena in Tron 2.0, but I'm beginning to find the gameplay rather dull compared to Battlefield 1942.

Readers of the Activity Monitor will notice that I'm reading Robert M. Pirsig's philosophical work, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. We bought it (translation: I bought it with Vickie's credit card) from Borders Books a few days ago, and it's a really interesting, crunchy read. It's about as far from a dry philosophy text as you can get. Ever since reading the final collected works of Douglas Adams, A Salmon of Doubt, I've been finding the fiction sections of bookstores increasingly boring to browse. I've never really looked in the philosophy section before, but when I was directed there by the Borders staff in order to find Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, I couldn't help but be attracted by the titles of some of the books - I can't remember any from the top of my head, but I remember wishing I had more money available.

I'd love to talk with anyone who's read it. Is there any such person in the readership of the website, or on the IMAGinewS list?

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