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Telstra Vs. iiNet and Poet of the Week

Before I write anything else this evening, I'd like to start by apologising to Gav. In yesterday's post, I took a jesting swipe at Gav and Boots ("ingrates" was the term I used) for having double-booked the Saturday evening in question; I had forgotten that just the night before, Gav had had a death in the family. Gav, I'm sorry. Next time, I'll try and think before I write.

The Telstra vs. iiNet battle still continues, and it looks like iiNet may winn my dollar. While it may cost $300-450 to shift over to iiNet (mainly in the cost of a new ADSL modem), the fact that, for less than the base monthly rate of my current 3GB cable connection, I can get a superior download limit, equivalent bandwidth and a larger web-space that meets Movable Type's requirements (as confirmed by iiNet's helpful tech support team, unlike Telstra's, who direct me back to their BigPond Hosting page that woefully neglects to provide more than a brief, incomplete features list) is making me seriously reconsider paying Telstra anything more.

There's still that rather large hump of getting an ADSL modem. As some of you may know, I've wanted to have a proper router/switch running at home so that I can host things like Neverwinter Nights, Battlefield 1942 or the odd Tron 2.0 disc match. The most expensive ADSL modem iiNet offer with their Bliink plans is a D-Link DSL-504 router, which combines an ADSL modem with a four-port switch. It's $349, which, plus the $99 setup fee, makes connecting up to iiNet a bit pricey. On the other end of the scale, there's a straight DSL-300 modem for only $179 (total setup fee: $278), which means we'll just use the same Internet connection sharing setup we do now, and I can always pick up a router later (which I've been saying for months now). Either way, I have a heap of bills to pay next payday, so it may be September before I make any moves of the kind.

By any chance, does anyone have either a spare ADSL modem or a network router (ideally with four ports) they're not using?

Oh, by the way: Take a look at this! Yes, it's my very own Vickie, Featured Poet of the Week at Kookamunga Squares! Be sure to read her poems and, if the muse strikes you, why not leave a note in her personal Guestbook?
And while I'm at it, I think there's at least one iiNet user out there. How are you finding the service?

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