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Dog Soldiers and Dog Day After

Morning all! It's nine o'clock in the morning; high time for another newspost!

Boots' Friday Night Birthday Party went off very well. We were at the Commodore Hotel on Blues Point Road from six thirty onward, and had a pretty good turnout. Some of Boots' uni mates, who are all good folks, were there; we spent most of the evening sitting, chatting and drinking. The smoky atmosphere, even outdoors, got to me after a while, and I had to beg off at around ten. I think it was a good thing I did, as later on, the party moved to Metropolis in North Sydney, where a mate of Boots' was giving the party free drinks. The Rog of Evil took full advantage of the situation, getting Boots to down shot after shot of tequila. The party broke up at around three AM yesterday, and while Boots gave me a rather thorough report last night on his post party condition, I shall refrain from repeating it here; let it suffice to write that he's sworn off alcohol. Well, for the next few weeks, anyway.

I dropped Vickie off at work at half past eleven yesterday for the commencement of her twelve-hour shift, then picked up my comics subscription from Chatswood. I'm actually thinking of cancelling a lot of my comics subscriptions. It seems I'm just losing interest in the characters and what they're up to. I'll probably keep up with Dork Tower, because that's always good, not to mention very relevant to myself. :-) But aside from that, I think Iron Man and the various Tansformers subscriptions are probably going to go (although I must admit, I'm not too sure on the Transformers front; with Simon Furman on board as writer, the stories have suddenly picked up). I'm ambivalent about Ultimate X-Men; it's sort of got my interest but at the same time I'm sort of thinking I could still drop it anyway.

I'm also thinking of shifting my subscriptions to Kings Comics; their new Pitt Street location is much easier to get to and from after work than Chatswood. On the other hand, Chatswood is much more accessible on weekends.

I picked Boots up from his place in the evening (there was trackwork all the way up the North Shore line, and I thought it'd be faster to just go and get him), and while I was out doing so, Gav turned up at my place and had to wait about half an hour before we got back from Roseville. Rog turned up not long after with the Dog Soldiers DVD, and after a minor kerfuffle with the ordering of pizza (despite clear instructions and a simple route, Rog couldn't find Domino's; I had to hop in his car fifteen minutes after the pizzas were due to be picked up and direct him to it) we cranked up the Pioneer all-regions DVD player and slapped the British DVD in.

Dog Soldiers is bags of action-suspense fun, it really is. I'd love for it to be published here, so I can get my mitts on a Region 4 version. If you liked Aliens and don't mind low-budget thrillers, you will love Dog Soldiers. What really makes it stand out, though, are the stellar performances by the all-UK cast, especially Sean Pertwee (who, although he looks and sounds a whole lot like his late dad, Jon "The Third Doctor Who" Pertwee, is a great actor in his own right), and the British sense of humour that infuses the film from start to finish. Dog Soldiers is able to keep up the pressure without taking itself seriously at all. Easily worth a watch.

The lads left at around eleven (Rog graciously gave Boots a lift back home), and I went to pick Vickie up from work. She's having another well-deserved lie-in right now. We don't have much planned today, although I think I'll need to take a vacuum cleaner to the floor in the living room. Rog brought along some popcorn from this wonderful booth in Westfield Hornsby called Kernel's (I've bought popcorn there before, and their caramel flavours and cheese flavours are delicious). This stuff was called Stinger, and it was basically vinegar popcorn. Good stuff, except there are little bits and pieces on and around the living room chairs.

Last weekend, we did a little shopping at Gowings. One of the things we picked up was a hide skipping rope, and I've been using it semi-regularly. I can do about twelve jumps in one go before I either trip on the rope or it gets caught on the back of my head. I tell you something, it can sting like buggery when you catch it over your hand (Whw-kssh!). Still, it's good cardiovascular exercise, which I could definitely do with right now. I still have to do something with my old push bike that I picked up from Mum and Dad's a few months back; everyone's been telling me that what it really needs is a trip to the bike shop. I'll get it sorted out after I get the new aerial. I keep forgetting to call the real estate agent about that...

We also picked something else up at the same time. Vickie spotted this cute little yellow bear with a belly-button, and bought him for our car. He's perched by the small window right behind the right-hand passenger seat. After we bought him, Vickie started working on a name for him. Her first result was "Snodgrass", which I thought was rather un-flattering for such a cute little bear. She decided Snodgrass would be his last name, and tried to come up with a first name for him. He has a Gowings "G" stitched into his back, so she thought of Gavin, who's a big fan of Gowings himself, but we both agreed he probably wouldn't be too impressed with having a bear named after him. Later on, seemingly out of nowhere, Vickie comes up with "Gimble", and it stuck. I think I was out somewhere at the time, so Vickie told me later on, and that she had no idea where she got the name from. I smiled, and told her that Gimble was the nickname that Notlih gave Gav several years ago (for what reason, I doubt even Notlih knows). I'm sure I told her some time ago, and it must have lurked in her subconscious, waiting for its opportunity. So the name of our car bear is Gimble T.(for Teddy) Snodgrass.

We're going to catch a quarter-to-four session of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines this afternoon. Rog is coming, and he wants to bring his new lady Linda along. I'll give him a call around midday to organise the details.

All you Slamdance fans out there will be glad to know I've actually been doing some work on it. I still want to start the whole thing again from the beginning, especially as I now have a core theme to guide the plot. There are quite a lot of character and plotting details that need nailing down before I get started again. In between work on Black Talon and other stuff that needs doing, it might be a couple of months before actual writing starts.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has been picking up storming reviews in its Xbox incarnation so far, but reports of some graphical issues have me thinking that I'll wait until PC version is released and reviewed before I buy one or the other. It's also been announced that Benoit Sokal's recent PC adventure game hit, Syberia, is to be released in an Xbox version. I was thinking it might be something Vickie will dig, and perhaps, as extended keyboard/mouse use is beginning to get to her somewhat, it might be a way of giving her some adventure gaming fun in a comfier setting. Then again, Vickie has largely shelved Myst III: Exile, so perhaps an adventure game isn't the way to go. Perhaps I ought to pick Knights of the Old Republic up for the Xbox after all...

Oh, yeah: Tron 2.0 has gone gold. August 26th, here we come...

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