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Post-Birthday Spendage

Hi all! Yet another work from home day. I'm using my lunch break to do a little posting and updating.

Well, the shopping trip on Sunday was a success: I picked up those two copies of Shadows of Undrentide and the bonus DVD edition of Steely Dan's new album, Everything Must Go. I had to go to both Electronics Boutique and Kmart for SOU, as EB had only one copy; I also traded Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance in at EB for a discount (I recently found myself utterly disinterested in finishing it). We've played through some of Chapter 1 of SOU, and I've been playing the heck out of Everything Must Go. It's fantastic, and if you like jazz with a little bounce, you'll love this.

Clean-up after the party didn't actually take long (most of the washing up was done by Vickie and the dishwasher the night before). I actually got an e-mail from Notlih on Monday: the bastard clean forgot about the party, so Vickie and I are taking him on a guilt trip. We've yet to hear anything from the other non-attendees; it looks like they're keeping a low profile at the moment.

Boots and I have this deal: If I buy Battlefield 1942 next month, he'll buy Tron 2.0. Truth be known, I'd probably buy BF1942 anyway - I've been looking for a multiplayer online game I can enjoy with my friends for ages. The Cazman bought it ages ago, but I wasn't too impressed at the time; it was when Boots brought it over earlier this year and we did some multiplayer across the home LAN that I realised how much fun it can be. Boots and the Cazman have been in touch since the party about organising some regular Internet sessions, and Gav is seriously contemplating buying it as well. It also helps that Boots is part of a league, so it'll most likely be more than just the four of us.

And yes, I'm looking forward to some low-ping disc arena goodness in Tron 2.0, especially when it's with mates.

Still, all that can wait a while. I've spent enough on post-birthday prezzies. The next purchase I intend to make is a new TV antenna for our place. We've had a quote from Mr. Antenna for ages, but haven't acted on it (maybe we'll need to ask them for a new one); I want to see about getting our shitty reception fixed up soon. I think the landlord is willing to pay the installation costs (something like $100) as long as we pay for the aerial (around $150).

Rog is still waiting for his DVD of the British horror film Dog Soldiers to arrive from the UK. There's this ad hoc plan we have that everyone interested (which, I think, consists of Gav and Boots) piles over our place, probably on a Friday night when Vickie's working (Dog Soldiers doesn't look like her sort of movie; she loves action but not horror) so it can be viewed on our all-regions DVD player. Rog is still not sure when it's arriving; he reckons he should have had it already.

Once again, it's time for me to Talk Big about my Nebulous Plans for Writing. Yet again, I have a New Aim that Sounds Good but Probably Won't Be Accomplished: New Product in Each Category Every Month. This means that each month, I intend to write:

  • A new episode of Slamdance (or a revision of one of the originals).
  • A new Rant.
  • A new article for either the Articles or RPGs sections.
  • A new session of Heavy Gear: Black Talon.

Of course, I've made noises like this before, but I want to get serious on this front. It means being a lot more organised, and dedicated, of my evenings. This site has turned into a big blog, and while there's nothing wrong with that in itself, I've been promising more from the word go and haven't really been delivering.

And in the midst of all this frantic creativity, I'm going to get some physical exercise in too...

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