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Post-Party Postage

(yawn) Morning everyone! I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing awake at the moment, especially as we didn't get to sleep until something like half past three this morning, but here I am, feeling very awake at ten thirty and writing another newspost!

The party was great last night, although most people were fashionably late - Gav turned up at six and the next guests, EvilHayama and Pirotess, didn't show until half past seven! Thankfully, they were the start of the trend, with a lot of the guests turning up not long after. We got to catch up with a few people we've not seen in a while, especially Lauren, and the Xbox, semi-surprisingly, hardly saw any use (I fired it up once to show off the Agent Smith cut scene from Enter the Matrix). Much love must go to my Vickie (not that it doesn't usually, but you know), who was rushing around like the proverbial blue-arsed fly (someone will have to explain that piece of Australianism to me at some point) yesterday and Friday making food and cleaning up the place for the party. She's having a nice, long and much-deserved lie-in this morning.

Unfortunately, I have to give the "Oh, Was It Yesterday?" Award for Replying To The Invitation With A Yes And Then Failing To Let Us Know You Wouldn't Be Showing Up After All to no less than four people. The winners are Marcus, Notlih (who deserve special mention as they said they'd arrive at six but leave at eight for other engagements, so it was even more flattering that they didn't even show up for that short period of time), Baz and Natalie (whom we'd not seen in ages; Vickie was especially looking forward to catching up with Natalie). As a few of these people aren't on the IMAGinewS list, this newspost will be forwarded to them separately to ensure they don't escape the embarrassment.

Today will probably be occupied with some post-party cleanup, though most of it was done (by Vickie) last night. I also want to nip into Hornsby and spend some birthday money. While all my presents were great, Shadows of Undrentide wasn't among them, so I want to get a copy each for Vickie and I. I also want to get Steely Dan's latest CD, Everything Must Go.

I think I've managed to get a couple of people keen on Tron 2.0, especially Gav, to whom I gave a CD-R with the demo on last night. I also set the demo up on Vickie's PC, and Gav and I did some Disc Arena and Light Cycles combat last night for a little while. The lerv be spreading...

Oh, and speaking of lerv, did anyone else hear that the Lerv God himself, Barry White, passed away a few days ago? It wasn't exactly surprising, considering the man's size (I think the cause of death was organ failure), but it's still sad to see the guy go. And on the topic of singers, I was also very sorry to hear about Delta Goodrem being diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease, a form of cancer. While I'm not a Goodrem fan, she's one of the (few) more talented pop singers around today, with a very distinctive voice and musical style (unlike fellow Neighbours alumnus Bec Cartwright, who just sounds like a carbon-copy pop princess). I understand the prognosis is optimistic, especially as the disease was discovered early, and I hope Delta is able to make a full recovery and continue to do the work she enjoys.

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