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Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me...

Morning everyone! Today, I am officially twenty-six. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was just a wee slip of a twenty year old. Very odd, the passage of time...

Well, as can be expected, I already have a few prezzies, including what I think is the niftiest one I'll probably get this year - a little hardback volume called Schott's Original Miscellany, by Ben Schott. Grandma and Aunt Heather in the UK sent it to me. It's this fantastic little collection of facts, quotations and other assorted stuff (including a complete list of the twenty Official Bond Films, with Bonds, villains, Bond Girls and Key Cars. It also has the NATO Alphabet (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, etc.) which I've been looking for for ages (I didn't know it was called the NATO Alphabet). I already have, and will be getting, some great presents, but I don't think any will beat this one for sheer niftiness.

Today's going to be occupied with shopping, housework and cleaning up for the party tomorrow. I've got a lawn to mow as well; I'll probably do the Main Road side of the wall today and leave the front and back lawns for tomorrow morning. Tonight I'm having dinner with my family in Hornsby, which Vickie unfortunately won't be able to attend due to work.

No-one's responded to my offering of the Xbox and games for sale, so I might just ang onto it a bit longer. Besides, I can trade some of the games I'm no longer playing/interested in (MGS2, Enter the Matrix, DOA3) in for Tron 2.0 when it arrives, and maybe Shadows of Undrentide if I don't get it as a birthday present. (And if I do, I'll use them to get another copy for Vickie!) I'm also thinking of trading Fuzion Frenzy and maybe Sega Soccer Slam in for another party game, say, maybe Kung Fu Chaos. Heck, I might even see if I can sweing a trade-in today or tomorrow so I can have Kung Fu Chaos for the party! Either that, or I hit Video Ezy tomorrow and see if it's available for overnight rent, which makes a little more sense.

Speaking of Tron 2.0, I've been playing the Multiplayer Demo on and off (well, more on than off) over the past few days and have been thoroughly enjoying it! Has anyone else downloaded it as yet? If so, would you be interested if we could organise a match-up? If not, would you be interested enough to for out for a blank CD-R for me to burn it onto (especially if you're coming to the party tomorrow night)?

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