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Hookin' Locorriere

Whee! Two newsposts in two days! Haven't done that in a while. A Happy Independence Day to all you United States readers, and please be careful with them fireworks.

Vickie justifiably razzed me last night for failing to mention what we got up to last Friday night: we went to The Basement for the first time in several months. A fine gent by the name of Dennis Locorriere was doing a one-man (plus guitar) show there that night. For those of you who don't know (don't worry, neither did I before Vickie heard him om the radio and told me), he was the lead singer/frontman for a little band back in the '70s/'80s called Doctor Hook and the Medicine Show. (Don't give me that blank look now, you liars, you've heard their music.) Dennis was everything I could ask for in a live act; he was fun, witty, energetic, a great muse-o, and really loved the music he was playing, which was Doctor Hook ("When You're In Love With a Beautiful Woman", "Cover of the Rolling Stone", "Sharing The Night Together", "Sylvia's Mother") with his own originals and some tunes written by the late Hook songwriter and novelist Shel Silverstein. It was easily worth the dinner/show rate The Basement charge. I am very glad Vickie suggested we go to see him.

I just came across a link to some of my stuff: a gent by the name of Jason Sartin put up a review of the Legacy: War of Ages on his Primary Error website, and linked to my RPGnet review of the game! I just love his summary: "Even more negative, but still nicer than I was." Coming from him, that's high praise (I think)! You ought to read the review he and Darren McLennan did of the F.A.T.A.L. RPG; if you had even the remotest interest in it before, you won't after you read these two lads having at it. Frankly, the review is hilarious in its uncompromising negativity - and from what you read of the product being reviewed, you can certainly understand the reviewers' bile and rage.

Mandi's birthday party is tomorrow, but we'd already made plans involving the Bootsmeister, so, unfortunately, we will not be there. We do wish her a b-chin' evening, and hope she doesn't get too drunk. (If you do not understand the drinking partying machine that is the Mandi, just ask her what her favourite shot is. You WILL understand then. Oh, yes. You will.)

Speaking of Things Man Was Not Meant To Know, my current perusal of my Call of Cthulhu rulebook should not be taken as indicative of any thought or work toward an adventure and/or campaign. I just got it off the shelf because I wanted something to read and I hadn't pulled CoC off the shelf in a while. That I own both the Delta Green supplements, and that they've both been whispering "Run us! Run us!" into my ear in eldritch, hoarse rasps in my sleep over the past four years, has nothing whatsoever to do with it.

Besides, I still have my Heavy Gear: Black Talon campaign to procrastinate about, I really don't need another one.

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