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Ideas for Con Games

Good afternoon, everyone! It's a nice, slow Sunday, so I think it's about time for another news post.

I must apologise for one inaccuracy in the previous post: Vickie and I didn't spend Sunday in. We headed into the city to catch some of the Sydney Jazz Festival at Darling Harbour. Admittedly, as the Harbour was already crowded when we got there, we didn't do too much actual viewing of acts (although there was always music almost everywhere), but it was an impulse trip for the both of us. We're thinking of making a long weekend of it next year, even though that may well put us in conflict with the next Con*Descending.

Boots and I are talking about co-writing a Heavy Gear module for MacquarieCon this year. We have a couple of concepts in mind, but I have the feeling we'll go with Boots' one (not because of any perceived superiority; I just suddenly find myself wanting to try something different, and Boots' idea is definitely different). Boots, Gav and I have also discussed doing a con module based on Kevin Rubio's insane short film blend of Star Wars and COPS. Called TROOPS, it focuses on a squad of Imperial Stormtroopers keeping the Empire's peace on Tatooine, right around the time a young farm boy ruins away to join the Rebellion. Gav is the main impetus behind this idea at the moment, and has come up with some interesting ideas. More on these as further developments eventuate.

Well, since I went back to work, I've completed the uphill slog of bringing my e-mail queue up to date: now all I have to do is perform another similar slog in getting my activity management system's task queue up to date. Sigh... Juggling the queues and the phone got so difficult on Wednesday that I left work at four, taking the laptop with me, and did a couple of hours more work from the comfort of our living room. Unfortunately, the stress also caught up with me on Thursday; I came down with a rather nasty cold, and on Friday afternoon I had to leave work early so I could go hame and relax. The worst of it is gone, although I still have a plugged-up nose. Vickie made the very valid comment that neither of us seem to do this "sick" thing particularly well; when we contract something, it usually knocks us around for a few days.

I'm still thinking about the site, and adding some more material to it. I took a look at Honour and the Game yesterday, and am a little intimidated by its sheer size, not just in terms of the thirty-six page (including Contents table) main module document, but also the additional documentation: the blurbs, the character sheets, the summaries, etcetera. I'm not sure whether I'll actually convert the lot into a web format or simply create a page for the blurb and add a link to a downloadable zip file. I think the latter is the best path, as I won't have to do two updates every time I make a revision.

I also want to do some work on Vickie's website. Her current one, hosted by Angelfire, looks generally good but hasn't been updated in ages. My plan is to build a new one from scratch based on the content she wants to put up there - poetry and prose. I'm thinking of hosting it as part of my ten-megabyte Big Pond web-space, which shouldn't be a big problem; I think I have around seven megabytes unused at the moment. We've had the basic content established for a while; now I need to sit down and seriously think about design.

Das Birthday is coming up in July, as are a few other birthdays. I'm prepping the birthday list as we speak, and am also planning the birthday party. This year, rather than going out, we'll have it at home. Due to a mis-calculation, I thought my birthday was on a Sunday this year so I booked a day of annual leave for the Monday after, but it's actually on a Friday, so I'll shift the day of leave to then.

Dan's had a little trouble with the new PC I gave him, and after doing some investigation work last night (aided by a final, desperate plea for assistance to EvilHayama), I determined that the cause of the problems was the old 20 gigabyte hard drive I'd provided as part of the upgrade. I'm shopping around for a new drive, and it looks like I can get a Western Digital 40 GB 7,200 RPM drive from A&T Computer for $100, which should suit Dan's needs well. I'll pop in tomorrow on my lunch break and see whether they have any in stock.

Some of you may know that I've been following the development and production of a new Battlestar Galactica mini series on the Sci Fi Channel (the same cable channel that financed and hosted the Frank Herbert's Dune and the recent Frank Herbert's Children of Dune mini series) with some interest. There has been a lot of Internet furor over it, and I'm thinking of putting a rant together. Besides, it's about time I dragged the Rant space out of the realm of serious political and social debate and back into the realm of important matters such as Battlestar Galactica.

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