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Happy Easter, Everyone!

Ahh, nothing like a good four days off work to recharge the batteries, eh? Time to relax, catch up with family and friends, maybe do the odd chore around the place... and consume lots of chocolate, of course. What's your favourite brand of Easter egg? Mine's the Cadbury Creme Egg, which is rather annoying, as it's sold year-round in the U.K., but is only available around Easter in Australia.

So what's been happening in the last week?

Well, work's still been an uphill slog, although I managed to get almost on top of the e-mail and task queues yesterday. The raise finally came through, although I'm not going on a splurge just yet. Well, okay, I bought the Star Wars Revised Core Rulebook on Wednesday night, but that's because I have a Star Wars con module brewing in the back of my mind.

On the topic of roleplaying, Sydcon 2003 is on over the Long Weekend. Boots is running Schloss der Geister, a Weird War II game, and I know that Gav will be attending at least. I believe Mandi will be putting in an appearance, at the very last to promote Con*Descending. Sorry that the notice on Sydcon is a little late, but then again, no-one else has bothered using the Calendar functions of the IMAGinewS group, or asked me to do so on their behalf (hint, hint).

We won't be attending Sydcon this year: our Easter is already full. Tonight, Vickie's working, and today we'll be watching some DVDs (Almost Famous and Sunday Too Far Away) before they have to go back to Video Ezy. Tomorrow night is Dan's Champions - OzWatch session, where we're apparently going to be taking on a mob of fierce mutant kangaroos. There might be a little more action this time around; last session, where the OzWatch team faced off against a stampede of man-eating bovines, went from superhero to Star Trek: The Spandex'd Generation, when rather than wading in with fists and power-bolts, we hung back and experimented, and of all the characters, Turbine was the one who made first contact (the head of the herd was telepathic and intelligent) because he was getting bored with all the sitting around and thinking!

On Sunday afternoon/evening, we're going to be having Easter Sunday dinner at Mum and Dad's. Nan and Trish will be there, with Aunt Ned and Uncle Joe as possibles. Fingers crossed things shouldn't be too awkward (this is the side of the family that doesn't approve of my being with Vickie, but somehow we all manage to stay civil). Mum and Dad do good roasts, though, and things have been improving between the lot of us lately (even though it took Grandma giving me a nudge in a call from the UK to remember to call them for the first time in a couple of months).

We got an e-mail from the Greater Union Cinebuzz club offering Dreamcatcher tickets for $8.00 until Wednesday, so we're going to catch it on Monday. Of course, you lot know that we're also looking forward to seeing The Final Flight of the Osiris that they tack onto the front of Dreamcatcher, but Dreamcatcher should be fun as well.

One of my work colleagues, Tony Mac, has been making polite yet persistent enquiries into buying MechAssault from me. It's been semi-tempting, as I've had my eye on a couple of newer Xbox games lately and I've got stuck on one mission in the single-player campaign, but the reviews I've read say it rocks under Xbox Live - which is due for Australian release in October. So I think I'll hang onto it for the time being.

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