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Do you realise how cool you all are?

I think it was Trent who brought a certain fact to my attention a few months ago: there aren't any flame wars, trolls or generally impolite or unsociable behaviours on the IMAGinewS group. Lately, with an undeclared war commencing, rudeness and ignorance has been pandemic on the Web; some of you have experienced it personally. So far, all I've read in postings to the group have been statements of belief, almost always prefaced by "This isn't intended to start a flame, I just need to speak my piece." It amused me that the posters felt a need to put up such a disclaimer, especially considering the aforementioned lack of flames in the group... but then I realise that the members of the IMAGinewS group are doing so because they care enough about the group - about each other - to actively ensure that it stays that way. I'm also glad that they feel that my little corner of the web is a safe enough place for them to make such statements. To each and every one o' you cats: Thank you for making IMAGinewS what it is.

My own thoughts on the issue will be contained in a new rant (see below). I'd also like to point you toward a conversation Wil Wheaton had with a veteran friend, as reported by Wil on his own web log. In the meantime, I'm going to get back to the everyday, mundane stuff.

I finished the Freelancer single-player campaign on Sunday. It was good fun. The next logical step would be to keep playing (expansive galaxy with endless possibilities and all), but already, some of the impetus to do so has gone out of it - I won't be meeting all the lively characters of the campaign as I trip around the Freelancer galaxy, just the stock bartenders and contacts. Maybe joining a multiplayer server would help keep things lively.

Speaking of servers, I had some practical advice from Cameron K at work yesterday about the hardware and bandwidth requirements for setting up a dedicated game server. Ouch. On consideration, I think I'll stick to hosting the odd game of Neverwinter Nights (which I think Dan is keen on DMing) every now and then.

And speaking of Dan, I'm examining the options of upgrading his PC. I'll be talking with him about what he needs tomorrow night and what he can provide in terms of parts. The plan is to upgrade Dan's PC with something up-to-date, and give the old P3-500 to Brook in Melbourne. (I'm also thinking of an incremental upgrade of Vickie's PC at the very least; if I'm buying parts for Dan, my greedy little geek brain thinks, I might as well buy some parts for us too, right?) I've been doing some online shopping at Eyo, then comparing prices with the computer shop down the road near work.

I noticed fresh oil on the carport concrete this evening after topping Madam Lash up. Looks like the lads at Kmart may yet have missed something. Might drop her in again sometime soon.

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