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A Freelancing Neverwinter DM

Evening all! Sorry it's been over a week since my last newspost. Things have been a little busy.

The guys at Kmart discovered that a gromit on top of Madam Lash's engine had broken, thus the continuing leak. They fixed her up free of charge (as well they should). Vickie took her into a place down the road from us to have the Madam's rego check done - and promptly paid the CTP and rego fees afterward! Thank you darling! (And no, I'm not trying to weasel out of paying you the $500 back.)

We've also spent $400 on two return tickets to Melbourne, so I'm juggling the budget right now. Vickie's grand-daughter Katie is having an Invite a Special Person to School Day on Wednesday, the 3rd of April, and Vickie is (quite obviously, if I do say so, which I do) the Special Person. We'll be nipping down on the evening of the second and coming back on the morning of the fourth. Needless to say, I've taken Friday the fourth off work.

As you know, Freelancer didn't come in on the tenth, and it didn't come in on the eleventh, either; it came in on the twelfth. Those bastards at Microsoft kept me on tenter-hooks for two days. Two whole days, damn it! It was worth it, though. It's definitely a fun game, and it quite thoroughly scratches that Privateer itch I've had these past few years. The demo does a pretty good job of letting you, Joe/Jane Prospective Buyer, know what you're in for, so if you're even remotely keen, download it/buy a computing magazine with it on the cover CD and give it a whirl. Oh, yeah; joysticks are NOT, I say again, NOT necessary - they're not even supported. If you have a keyboard and a responsive mouse, you will be right as rain.

Oh, and if any of you cats have splashed out on the full version, I've sneakily set up the server software on Vickie's PC. If you feel like a regular dose of exploring/trading/hunting pirates on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday nights, please let me know; I'll set the server running (it will be password protected). Depending on demand and bandwidth usage, I might let it run at other times when Vickie's not using her PC intensively (i.e. playing Neverwinter Nights with me).

I've been making the odd posting on the Australian NWN Guild, located on BioWare's official Neverwinter Nights page, asking for general beginner-DM's advice. Last week, I got an invitation from a gent called Orca, who was looking for someone to fill the co-DM's spot on a regular Wednesday night bash organised by the NWN Downunder Guild. I accepted, and thanks to Orca's patient tutoring and a cool bunch of players (whom I didn't actually meet, having to log off before midnight), I had a blast. DMing NWN Multiplayer is actually easier than I thought, as long as you're familiar with the basic, yet very versatile tools that the DM Client, and some very nifty little in-game apps written by enterprising NWN players, provide. Orca's wife and fellow DM Katrilla stopped by near the end to make the action even more interesting (things were beginning to bog down, and if there's one thing Katrilla hates, it's boredom). Ever since I mentioned Vickie on the NWN Downunder forums, Katrilla's been trying to get me to convince Vickie to get involved in the Guild and play some online games - with only four women in the Guild, she's feeling a little lonely. Maybe some of the women of the IMAGinewS list ought to get involved - what do you mean, you don't own Neverwinter Nights? You can pick it up at Electronics Boutiques for A$50, and if Orca and Katrilla can co-DM a game across a dial-up connection, not having broadband is no excuse!

The upshot of it all is that I'm now the new co-DM for the Wednesday night Raven campaign, although I'm still waiting to hear if there'll be a session tomorrow.

The weekend was both relaxing and exercising. We had an evening on the town on Saturday; dinner at Asagao, Hornsby's Japanese restaurant, followed by Antwone Fisher at the Greater Union. I'm not a fan of sushi, so I wasn't really expecting to enjoy the Asagao experience; however, they did a lovely teriyaki (I think it was teriayki, wasn't it, Vickie?) chicken which went down wonderfully with a bowl of rice. Vickie enjoyed her seafood tempura, although she reckons she should have asked for some wasabi (considering how hot it was without, I think the woman's a maniac).

Antwone Fisher is good, by the way. It's not exceptional in terms of plot, but it's easily worth seeing for the performances of the leads, especially Derek Luke, who plays the title role. Denzel Washington does a good job as a director; he seems content to let his actors just be people, without trying to make them act; they speak, gesture and move very naturally in front of the camera. In fact, Denzel himself looks in contrast like he's overacting! Go check it out yourself sometime soon. It looks like we may have missed One Hour Photo and 8 Mile at the cinemas, which is a bugger.

Sunday was a big Housecleaning Day; I mowed the lawn and washed the car while Vickie shifted furniture and cleaned the floors. (I think Vickie wound up doing the greater amount of work.) Our big set of display shelves fell on her while she was cleaning it; luckily, she not only caught it before it hit her, but she was also able to single-handedly stop it mashing the bottles she'd taken off the mini-bar for cleaning. We need a new display cabinet, and soon.

IMAGinewS is turning into a regular Trading Post, what with Cameron selling his computer kit and now Boots advertising the sale of his Subaru, and frankly, I think it's great. If any of you guys have any kind of stuff that you'd like to sell, whether it be RPGs, computer stuff, cars, food, furniture or ex-boy/girlfriends, please feel free to send an e-mail to the group.

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