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Testing the Waters

Good evening everyone! It seems like the Dreaded Lurgi is doing the rounds once again - one of our team-members at work was down with it last week, and Boots is recovering from a bout. We were going to have our flu shots tomorrow, but Vickie's had to delay because, ironically, she has the flu. Only I, with my superhuman immune system, remain untouched by the ravages of this disease! Instead, I've had ear problems (ouch). Wax up your boards...

The weekend was good, if not entirely relaxing. We bimbled over to John T's house party on Saturday night, and were treated to some good food and a Balinese dancing show by John's wife, Sani, and a friend. Our respective health issues had us heading for home by about ten, though. (sigh) The next morning, I was up mowing the lawn, doing shopping, and doting on my poorly Vickie. (I secretly think that's why she "gets sick", you know - she loves the pampering.)

Thankfully, things are looking up on the budget front this month, even with Madam Lash's seal replacement coming up. I'm still hesitant to splurge before I get paid this month, especially as I have to fork out for a new three-month rail pass at the end of March, but it looks like Freelancer (which hits Australian shelves this coming Monday) and the order for the Heavy Gear GM's minis are going to be in budget. I promised myself that I'd stay away from any reviews of Freelancer and write an un-coloured review, but I just couldn't resist looking at GameSpot's review. From my experience of the gameplay in the demo, the review looks fair.

Dragging the topic back to the Heavy Gear miniatures, Boots dropped over with files and modelling implements yesterday, and we got stuck into prepping the players' miniatures. Boots has done some nifty things with Gav's Green Stuff, especially with the head for the Dark Warrior (adding in a chin piece that I thought would be impossible).

Boots also brought over his Battlefield 1942 game CDs; he's rather keen on it and is in fact one of the founding members (if not the founding member) of an Australian BF1942 clan. (I'll let him tell you all about it.) Boots did a pretty good job of getting me interested in the game, but again, as BF1942 and the supplement, The Road to Rome, come in at around $130 in total, I won't be joining him in online battle for a while. (Before you say anything, no, I'm not cracking the installation; I don't believe in piracy. If I want to play it that badly, I'll pay for it, thank you very much.)

Boots is also planning a LAN gaming night at some point in the near future. It's tempting, especially if there will be BF1942 played, but I'm not sure whether Vickie would be interested, and I tend to get bored at LAN parties anyway (not that I've been to many).

Still on the computer game front, Funcom has re-opened my inactive Anarchy Online account for a thirty-day trial; they're banking that the new gameplay elements featured in their Notum Wars expansion will bring ex-subscribers back into the (paying) fold. I downloaded the revised client this evening, and had a wander around Newland as my old avatar, Causeway, but although the graphics look a little better than they used to, I don't really feel any compulsion to get back into AO. Still, as it's a free demo, I'll give it a go for a while, especially on the evenings when Vickie's at work.

As it looks like Boots is running Gear Krieg on Saturday evening, and as it looks like Gav will be playing, the playtest of my InSpectres module is off. Mandi and Roger will still be stopping by for some card/board games and general merriment. We'll also be dashing off to the Castle Hill Farmer's Market on Saturday morning to get some good, healthy, fresh food.

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