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An Oily Situation

This Saturday, at the very least, is going to be a busy one. With all the rain we've had lately, the grass on the lawn has exploded; I'm getting stuck into it tomorrow morning with the mower. John T's house party is on that afternoon / evening, so we'll need to pick up some supplies for that as well. I might use some of Sunday to do some catching up on work stuff; we're going to be a man down for a while, so I need to sort out where we are and what'll be coming up.

Vickie picked Madam Lash up from Kmart this arvo. Thankfully, the bill came in at $50 under the initial estimate, but the fat lady hadn't sung yet. Kmart identified not one, but three separate oil leaks. We've booked the Madam in for another session next Thursday, where they're going to replace all of her seals. Kmart estimated the cost at $500. So, after Friday, we'll have spent around $750 on the Madam, and she won't even have had her pink slip inspection yet (which, plus green slip and re-rego cots, will take us over the grand mark). As her rego is due at the end of March, Freelancer and those Heavy Gear miniatures might have to wait just a little longer...

And speaking of the Heavy Gear miniatures, Boots piked on our painting session this week; apparently his Gear Krieg players decided that they wanted a session on that day. Knowing that getting players in one place is like herding cats, I can sympathise with the guy.

Enough of my rambling. Time to get dinner and do some serious relaxing.

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