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Cons and Campaigns

Evening all! Another working week done, and a nice relaxing weekend of nothing in particular to look forward to. It's great, isn't it?

Heavy Gear is progressing. Gav dropped over on Wednesday evening and donated his supply of Green Stuff - Citadel Miniatures' modelling clay - to the cause. The next step is to hook up with Boots sometime soon, so we can convert the team's Gear miniatures into Dark Series models (it looks like Boots will be dropping over this coming Tuesday night). So far, the eighth of March seems to be okay with everyone for the next session, although I have to confirm with Dan when he gets back from the U.S. - assuming, of course, that his return flight gets him back before the eighth, which, as I have no idea what his itinerary is, it may not.

As we still don't have any opposition miniatures, the next session is definitely going to be a roleplaying-oriented session; Miki Hirami may well get to make use of her Investigation skill! Regarding the miniatures, I took a quick look at Dream Pod 9's web site this evening, to see what their prices plus shipment to Australia came out at - and with four Battle Frames, two Hovertanks and two Weapons Packs coming out at a little over AU$150 including shipping, I think I might just order the kit directly from the manufacturer.

Still, that may have to wait. Madam Lash's rego expires in March, and the service we put her in for late last month revealed that not only does she have an an oil leak, but also that the boot on the right-hand joint of the CV shaft has torn; there's no oil left in the joint. As there's no way of telling how long it's been gone, the best bet is to replace the entire CV shaft. All up, we're looking at $300 or so for the repairs, and then there's rego on top (which I still have to book an inspection for), and I have no real idea how much that's going to cost. As is, it looks like the Black Talon minis and Tron 2.0 are going to be put back a little further.

In the meantime, I'm sure you've been seeing Mandi's posts on the IMAGinewS list for Con*Descending at the University of Sydney over the Queen's Birthday Long Weekend. She's been nagging Boots and I to write modules for it; Boots caved last week, and I finally gave in a few days ago. I'm still saving Honour and the Regiment for MacquarieCon this year (I'm not going to haul all that Heavy Gear kit any further than Epping), so instead, I'm going to try something a little different.

After reading Steve Darlington's RPGnet review of InSpectres, I decided to download it. With the current exchange rates, the price of US$10 came out at a few cents over AU$16, and frankly, even with its plain layout and lack of any illustrations, I think it's worth every dollar. It takes a different approach to roleplaying in general, in that the character statistics and number crunching are extremely minimal, and rolling well allows players to actually embellish (and even steer) the plot the way they want to! It looks like the sort of thing that might go down well at a convention, and I've already made up characters for it. Now, all I need to do is think of a hook and some potential twists and then write a blurb before March 22nd, and I'm in business! I intend to playtest it a few times before the con, so if anyone would like to volunteer to try it out (even those of you who've never done this roleplaying thing before, as InSpectres is very easy to pick up) please let me know; you'd be most welcome!

As Tuesday's lunchtime football (soccer) had a low turnout (the organiser, myself and one other) we'll probably be switching to Thursdays.

Beyond a shopping trip, Vickie and I have nothing planned for the next couple of days. Who knows; Vickie may even drag me off to see One Hour Photo! Next Saturday's a different story, though: John Tuggey has invited us to a party at his place. Should be fun!

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