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Back Into It

Good afternoon, everyone! We're back into the old swing of things (i.e. work). There's been a change on my front, though - I've been moved up to the top floor of my building! (Okay, okay, it's only a four-story building, and I was on the third storey beforehand anyway. Lemme have some joy out of this, okay?)

We're still trying to pick up a bargain laptop for Vickie on eBay, but we keep continuously getting overbid. I have the feeling our budget won't be able to cover a laptop, but we'll see how we go...

We finally got back around to Neverwinter Nights last night; we started at around nine thirty and finally finished off at two o'clock this morning! We're now halfway through Chapter 1, and we keep having to respawn (which takes away gold and experience points) when we meet the Waterdhavian creature behind the troubles in each suburb of Neverwinter. Going through single-player must be tough... Apparently Cameron bought himself a copy recently, but he keeps experiencing bugs and performance problems. (He had some with Black & White, too - and he used to knock me for the trouble I had.) I'd invite him to join us, except I can't run an Internet game from my PC with the way our network's set up at the moment (maybe after I get that Linksys hub I have my eye on). We might be playing a little more today, after Gav drops over. In the meantime, I've been exploring some of the servers that are up and running on the Net for NWN, and looking at upcoming games on Neverwinter Connections; I might squeeze myself into a game sometime. As a result I've not done much dev work on the Kingdom of Hyatt module lately.

Some interesting things have been happening with the Heavy Gear: Black Talon campaign, and we haven't even played a module since December. Altin has decided that the overall flavour of the campaign just isn't working for him, and has decided to bow out early and gracefully. The big shopping trip happened yesterday, except it wasn't quite as big as I thought it would be - the Tin Soldier only had one standard Battle Frame miniature and no Hovertanks whatsoever. Still, everyone else has their miniatures (as Altin has stepped back, I've bought a Black Mamba for Dan). We've tentatively scheduled the next session for March the 8th (we'll have to check it with Dan, as he's in the States vising rellies and going to conventions at the moment), and I'll have to get writing on the next episode. Altin and I have already been collaborating on some ideas for having Altin's character, Louis-Pierre Garcon, taken out of the campaign.

I'm still chugging though Legendary difficulty on Halo at the moment; I'm trying to secure the grav-lift into the Truth and Reconciliation, and it's pretty tricky. All of a sudden, those Covenant plasma weapons are able to cut through my shields like butter, and the shielding on a Red Elite can withstand one hit to the head from a sniper rifle before the bastard drops.

After the shopping trip, Vickie and I went to see Star Trek: Nemesis at Hornsby. As Star Trek movies go, it was very good indeed, although Dad wrecked the ending for me on Friday night.

Gav is dropping over today; I'll be giving him his Delta Green books back, and he'll be loaning me the Forgotten Realms sourcebook. I've been thinking of picking it up myself, as it'll come in handy for creating NWN modules.

As yet, no-one's expressed any interest in seeing Treasure Planet sometime. Is anyone keen?

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