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This Is My Theory

I have this theory when it comes to Neverwinter Nights, and it might well be applicable to D&D in general: When creating a party, do not, I repeat, do not leave home with out at least one dedicated fighter character. As I think I mentioned in my last news post, Vickie and I are consistently getting our posteriors served to us on the family silver (the family in question being the long-established Waterdhavians of, I believe, Waterdeep). We keep crawling our way toward enough experience points to earn a level-up, only to have some big, tough critter and his/her/its minions knock us back down to almost Level 2. Although Perin Nertoppho, my handy rogue, is definitely good for getting at loot in locked chests and disabling traps, his halfling constitution doesn't give him a long combat lifespan. And even though Goldenrod Starkeeper, Vickie's able ranger, is very adept with a bow, fisticuffs isn't quite her game either. I'm thinking of importing one of my other characters, Rente Arnesen, a fighter who's already at something like level 5, thanks mainly to experience on the Frendeer server.

I've been making notes on the next episode of Black Talon, and I fully intend to be sitting down at my PC tomorrow night, staring at the screen until I start writing campaign-related stuff down. It's also getting close to the end of the month, and I don't even have a new rant for you characters yet. On top of that, some of you cats are applying the heat for more Slamdance. I'd say "I'm working on it", but how many times have you heard that before? I do have a writing schedule, where I work on stuff while Vickie's at work, and it's about time I started following it.

Things got a bit busy at Gav's place yesterday, so I'll be giving him his Delta Green books some other time soon. Also, Jake got back to me on the Treasure Planet front; he and Komala were interested.but unfortunately, it looks like it's come to the end of its cinema run. (sigh) Ah well. The next movie Vickie and I intend to see is One Hour Photo.

It looks like lunchtime soccer may be a going concern at work again, on Tuesdays at least. Aside from that, I'm thinking of going swimming at Hornsby pool after work (again, while Vickie's working - I don't want to take away from our together time). I need to lose some of the weight I put on across Christmas.

Time to get some kip; I was up a little later than I otherwise would have liked.

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