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Slack Day January 03

Good morning, everyone! Today has been officially declared a Slack Day. We were planning to head to the Summit Restaurant for dinner tonight, but as we've splashed out enough on good food over the past few days (Doyles, Le Kiosk, Toscani's, the Swagman's Post, etc.), and Jillian's reason for coming here was to see us, we've decided to have Jillian's last dinner in Sydney comfortably, at home.

Boots did in the end drop over on Thursday, at half past twelve. He and Jillian got on great; they sat for ages, discussing history, wars, social issues, it was great to sit and listen (and occasionally contribute) to. He had to head off to work at three thirty, and Jillian didn't get any photos, unfortunately.

That night, we were off to see Orpheus in the Underworld at the Sydney Opera House. It was the first show I'd ever seen there, and it was hilarious. If you're worried about it being an opera, don't worry, it was entirely in English, although the nature of operatic singing made it difficult to hear what was being sung at times (they projected supertitles above the stage, but craning the neck to read what was being sung was a little annoying), and loaded with topical references: for example, Orpheus' costuming and hair were suspiciously reminiscent of former British pop star Gary Glitter, and when Orpheus, the pre-eminent violinist of ancient Greece, brought out his "cute" class of students, none were older than fourteen. We also had the character of Public Opinion, who was very much based on Pauline Hanson. Oddly, we didn't see much of the title character, but I couldn't fault the production at all (ladies, you'll want to go to see Pluto in his tight vinyl trousers).

Instead of training it to the Opera House, we wound up taking cabs both ways - yes, it was more expensive, but we definitely travelled in comfort. The cab drivers we had were also good - on the way, we had a man who was interested in getting his kids to the opera as a way of exposing them to the variety of the arts, and on the way back, we had a man who definitely loves the theatre, and was familiar with quite a few back-stage and production-related shenanigans. We had good conversations with each, especially Jillian.

Yesterday was pretty busy. We had lunch at Doyles in Circular Quay, and I tell you, their battered barramundi and chips was worth every cent of the $30+ they charged for it. In fact, I think it's the first time in living memory where I've ate all the fish and left chips on the plate. Jillian and Vickie indulged themselves with lobster (although Vickie started paying for it almost immediately after we left with a nasty bout of indigestion, it was so rich). We trotted off to the Powerhouse Museum, where we discovered to our delight (well, Vickie's and mine, anyway) that the season of the Star Wars - The Magic of Myth exhibition, which we thought had ended on the second of February, had been extended until the twenty-fifth! It was good, if smaller than I expected. They had costumes and props a-go-go, and I loved looking at the huge Star Destroyer model at the front of the exhibition and actually seeing all the battleship model parts they'd used in putting it together! Vickie was glad to see the Chewbacca outfit, and it wasn't until I saw her outfits that I realised how small Carrie Fisher actually was! And if I'd had the cash, I would've bought myself a Jedi Starfighter toy from the shop; it really looked that good!

After popping home for a breather, we met Jake and Komala for dinner at Toscani's in Hornsby. We were hoping Cameron could make it, but I'd given him a lift back home yesterday morning after he dropped his car in for service, and he reckoned that as he was working that night, he wouldn't be able to come along. it was great to catch up with Jake and Komala, whom we don't see as often as we'd like to; discussions on dogs and artistic creativity abounded (trust me, you had to be there).

Tomorrow, we're dropping Jillian at airport in the afternoon will probably spend the rest of the day getting ready for the coming working week. Boots is dropping over again on Monday, and on Tuesday, we'll be back to work.

Oh, by the way: I've posted a few new Photos in the IMAGinewS group site; look under the "Jillian's Photos" folder. After seeing her camera in action, I really have to get us a digital sometime soon!

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