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I'll Take a Hotel on Mayfair...

Good morning, everyone! It's been a busy week thus far. The Board Gaming Day went bloody well; I just wish it could have gone on longer, but being a Sunday, several folks needed to get to work the next day. Still, we managed to squeeze in some Before I Kill You, Mr. Bond..., Monopoly and a card game that Mandi introduced to us called Bartok. Gav loaned me a couple of his CanCon purchases: the Delta Green: Dark Theatres anthology, which I just polished off last night, and Cthulhu Live: Delta Green. In return, I loaned him my two Delta Green fiction books; Alien Intelligence and The Rules of Engagement - I have the feeling that if I ever actually run any Delta Green, Gav will be playing the grizzled veteran who knows most of the secrets.

The Jillian's Visit schedule has been chopped and changed a few times. Monday's Rocks, Gardens & Chair day became a strictly Rocks day, as we (well, I should say, Vickie and Jillian) prowled the Rocks looking for bargains. Jillian wound up buying a rock opal frog, as well as various items from an Aboriginal craft store. We had a very nice lunch at the Swagman's Post Café on George Street. I absolutely have to recommend it; if not for the good food (which it is, by the way), then for the lovely courtyard they have at the back, bounded by the rock wall that runs behind the North end of George Street. It's great for getting away from the noise and bustle of the main stretch. If you want to find it, the address is 35 George Street, The Rocks. I recommend the Swagman's Breakfast, even if the plate is too small for the amount of food they put on it.

We got out of the house later than planned on Tuesday, mainly because when Vickie and I were ready to go, Jillian was still posting on forums and hadn't started getting ready yet. (sigh) These Americans, I tell you... So we spent a little less time shopping in Dymocks than I would've liked, but we got a good view of the city from the Tower and had a lovely dinner at Le Kiosk in Shelley Beach (a nice little cove past the right-hand end of Manly's main sea beach). The Blue Mountains plan had been scratched a few days ago, so we were thinking of heading back into the city to do the things that had been left off of the past few days, as well as a return trip to the Museum of Sydney for Jillian and her treating us to lunch at Doyles Circular Quay, but after being the pack-mule for the shopping trip (let no-one tell you books aren't heavy) I was getting tired of seeing the inside of a train every day and begged off. In the end, Jillian took a trip by herself into the city and managed to squeeze the Botanic Gardens, Mrs. Macquarie's Chair and the Museum of Sydney while we rested and did some grocery shopping.

Boots is meant to be dropping around today, but when I call his place to get an ETA, the phone rings off. I get the feeling he's in bed doing his "dead to the world" act, so maybe we'll see him around lunchtime. Later on, it's off to see Orpheus in the Underworld, which should be lots of fun.

We re-scheduled lunch at Doyles for Friday, after which we'll be browsing the Powerhouse and then meeting Jake and Komala for dinner in Hornsby.

Oh yeah; I'm also playing through Halo again, this time on Legendary difficulty. I saw something on Bungie's official community webpage about an alternate ending if you complete the game on Legendary, and I was off. I tell you something, Legendary difficulty is pretty fucking tough.

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