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Taking Out the Trash

Good evening! Only one more day of work, and then I'm on leave for two weeks! Of course, Friday's going to be busy with cleaning and tidying, and then Saturday we have to be up early; Jillian's plane arrives at around half past seven, Saturday morning.

Our rubbish-shipping day was a heavy one. We made two runs to the tip, the first with all the cardboard boxes in the shed, the mattress and Vickie's old 17" monitor (the one that mysteriously bit the bullet last year), and the second with the garden waste (quite a lot of it, after Vickie went at the lilies and the bougainvillea out the back during the weekend before) and the bed base. The ute from Kennards was great.

We were both tired afterward, and we still had Dan's Champions game that night. Vickie was so exhausted, though, that she decided to stay home and relax. Unfortunately, it was the night when everyone else actually turned up! It was a good game, with the demented mind of our GM, Dan, coming up with a cunning - or should I say, cudding - adversary: a herd of carnivorous cows! The puns were flying thick and fast that night, I tell you.

Dan's PC finally gave up the ghost, and I offered to build the P3-500 that was going to be shipped to Melbourne and give it to Dan until he can sort himself a replacement out. I think it's only fair, as Dan and Lesley have graciously given us their spare, mobile dishwasher (which we're frantically trying to find a tap attachment for; despite being one of the more common models, no-one Vickie called seems to stock one). I drove the ute to Dan's place, giving Gav a lift and picking Roger up on the way (and what a crowded cabin that was, I can tell you), so we could take the dishwasher home with us. Now all I need to do is figure out exactly when, in between Jillian's visit, I can put the bastard together!

I had a frantic PC-assembling day on Sunday, and managed to get Trish's upgraded PC to her that evening. She's well pleased with it, and is considering getting broadband. I recommended she speak to iiNet, as in her flat ADSL would be the best option and iiNet has a good rep (I think IMAGinewS member Andy is signed up with them). Our PCs now have front case fans, and I'm thinking of getting Vickie a new case (her one doesn't fit an 8cm case fan well) and a set of the speakers I got Trish: Altec Lansing 2100s (very nice 2.1 system). While I was pulling PCs apart on Sunday, Vickie was out tending the garden. It's taken a battering over the weekend, what with the heat. Our roses, which were growing and blossoming so well, are now looking the worse for wear. It's a damned shame.

After finally finishing The Last Continent and re-reading The Colour of Magic, I decided to try something a little different from Terry Pratchett humour, and finally read the copy of Bram Stoker's Dracula that I bought during a big book buy in mid-2001. It was a very interesting read, although I've been so pace-addicted by modern novels that I was getting tired of all the long monologues and exposition and hankering for something to happen! For those of you who've seen the Francis Ford Coppola movie, the first third or so is pretty much the same; however, they diverge quite wildly when the Count arrives in England. There's no love story between Dracula and Mina; in fact, Dracula forces Mina into drinking his blood and slowly becoming a vampire as revenge for the actions of Van Helsing and company against him. Yes, Dracula's a right bastard the whole way through; none of this Gary Oldman tormented soul crap. (Which was fun, though.)

Once I finished Dracula, I was feeling like getting back into humour again, so I'm getting stuck into Bill Bryson's A Walk in the Woods. If any of you have read any of Bill Bryson's books, you know how this man has the market virtually cornered in written dry wit. His tales of hiking the Appalachian Trail, which stretches roughly 2,200 miles from Georgia to Maine (basically, from America's deep South to its Cold [well, Cool] North) are utterly hilarious. I've read Notes from a Small Island, his last great hiking tour of Britain before he returned to the US after twenty or so years in the UK, and I tell you, I want to read Down Under, his trip to Australia, once I'm done with Woods.

And finally, tonight, all our best wishes to everyone in Canberra and Melbourne. Here's hoping the bushfires stay the heck away from you.

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