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Pre-Orders and Preparing for an Arrival

Morning all! It's a scorcher up our way at the moment - which is doubly aggravating, as we're going to be having a day in the garden! We're hiring a ute from Kennards at eleven, and we'll be loading it up with garden waste, our queen-size mattress and a whole heap of the boxes we used to move in and taking the off to the tip in Ryde.

I splurged on MechAssault for the Xbox on Thursday. It's good fun so far, if a little difficult; I'm on the third mission at the moment and I've failed about four times. That'll do me for computer/video games... until mid-March, when TRON 2.0 and Freelancer arrive. I've already got a pre-order on TRON 2.0 at the Electronics Boutique near where I work.

Nick dropped over on Thursday to demonstrate the collectable card game that he is a demonstrator and tourney organiser for: A Game of Thrones. Vickie and I played it, and it seems pretty good, although it was about ten o'clock by the end of the third round and I was ready to crash. I also sat him down for some multiplayer MechAssault, which was a blast.

The parts for Trish's PC finally arrived yesterday afternoon, and I spent the evening gutting her PC and putting new parts in it. Basically, the only thing left from her previous configuration is the case. As today and tonight are going to be pretty flat out, I imagine I won't be able to get back to it before Sunday, or maybe even sometime next week. That's a pain, as I was hoping to do most of it on the nights of last Tuesday and Wednesday and have it back to Trish today. With Jillian's arrival a week away, I'm going to have to try and get it done by Sunday evening, so we can spend next week getting the house ship-shape.

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