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Third Time Lucky, but Fourth Time...

For those of you wondering that my rants are so un-rantlike, here's one for you:

To: sales@adelong.com.au
Cc: Vickie Bowman; info@adelong.com.au; richard@adelong.com.au
Subject: Very Dissatisfied with Lack of Service (Order 402369)
Sent: Wed 15/01/2003 8:00 PM

Hello, Adelong,

Last Friday, I faxed an order through to William Wang for some parts. He had quoted me a price two days beforehand, and when I called him that day to check he'd received my acceptance of the quote and credit card details, he told me the parts would be delivered on Monday or Tuesday of this week.

Yesterday lunchtime, the parts had not arrived. My partner Vickie had stayed home so that we could make sure they were received and stored safely in our house. I called Adelong and, after trying to speak to someone in sales, I wound up at the head office number again. The receptionist was able to give me my order number (which had not been provided to me at any time prior) and told me that the parts should be arriving sometime yesterday or today.

Once again, by this lunchtime, the parts had still not arrived. I called Adelong and was asked to be put through to sales. The phone rang for quite a while, was picked up for a split second and immediately hung up. I called back and asked to be put through again, this time successfully. The sales rep looked up my order and told me that there was a delay in getting some of the parts in, that the order would be arriving between today and Friday, and that if the parts had not arrived by Friday lunchtime, I should call and check.

I find this level of service unsatisfactory. I was not informed of any delays prior to my own following up, which meant that while I was at work, my partner has had to remain home for the past three days to accept the delivery. Although she works nights, this is still a problem as she would like to be able to leave the house to do needed grocery shopping. Our house is located on the corner of a busy main road, and as we have been burgled once before, we are leery of allowing $1,400+ worth of computer parts to remain on our front porch where it can be seen by passers-by and easily stolen.

I had also experienced similar levels of unsatisfactory service in previous orders with Adelong. The first was raised with Don during mid-2000 (order 208053), and although delivery was made in the end, there were several delays due to parts of a standard upgrade bundle not being in stock, and, when the parts arrived, not being compatible with each other.

The second order I placed (number 214405), also with Don, was in November 2001. It was for a new 19" monitor and other parts (all advertised on the Adelong website). Don could not get the monitor in for over a week, and I was eventually told it was no longer manufactured. I cancelled the order and purchased the same make and model of monitor from Harris Technology.

Thankfully, my third order, placed in October 2002 (order 227870 for two new processors and motherboards) went well, but I made sure to ask whether all the parts I was purchasing were in stock at the time. I am regretting that I did not make the same confirmation this time, and am simultaneously dissatisfied that I should even have to.

While I understand that the delay is caused by circumstances beyond your control, I ask that you clarify the exact nature of the delay, and that if you cannot deliver my order by midday, Thursday January the 16th, please call me and then ask the delivery company to hold the delivery until Friday January the 17th so that my partner can comfortably leave the house.

I can be reached on: [Contact details for myself and Vickie snipped]

The total of orders I have placed with Adelong comes to over $5,500. Of this amount, under $1,300 worth has actually been delivered in a timely fashion. If you wish me to take my business elsewhere, I will do so.

Rob Farquhar

Thankfully, at 8:10PM, I got a call on my mobile from Julian at Adelong Computers. He told me that there was a backlog of deliveries at the Auburn warehouse, and that the goods would not be delivered tomorrow, but that they would be first thing Friday morning.

Still miffed, but at least satisfied that Vickie can leave the house.

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