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Babysitting and Building Adventures

Morning everyone! Today's going to be a big housework day today. On my front, the lawn needs mowing and the car needs another good wash (and I still need to book her in for a service). Vickie's going to be tending her garden a bit, I think, and probably going crazy on the inside of the house. We need to squeeze a shopping run in there somewhere; we're getting low on fruit and a few other things. On top of those, we also have to watch 3000 Miles to Graceland today; it has to be back at Video Ezy by eight.

I forgot to mention on Wednesday: When Vickie and I went shopping on Saturday, she suggested that I get my eyes tested. I've always been rather hesitant taking turns across roads and on T-junctions; it simply looked like cars were a little closer than perhaps they were. So I went in for the tests, and the optometrist reckons I have a very, very slight short sightedness. It's so slight that he reckons any prescription he could write me for it would get laughed at wherever I tried to get it made up. It's good to know that it's there.

Vickie's been having problems posting our Christmas photos on the IMAGinewS group at Yahoo! It keeps telling us, whenever we click on "Add Photo" or "Create Album", that "The briefcase or file you are seeking does not exist." Bloody frustrating, and we have no idea why it's doing it. Now all we need to do is find a support e-mail address... and Yahoo! doesn't seem to put it in an easy-to-find place.

Neverwinter Nights' Aurora Toolset has been fun to fiddle with. I've been worked through the Toolset and Plot Wizard tutorials, and just finished most of the Extra Credit stuff. I think I have area assembly down, but scripting is still a bit of a maze - if you look at the default heartbeat script for NPCs, it's filled with nested IF statements, and I'm just a novice at programming! I have no idea what all the Get commands are referring to. Oh well, I suppose if I ever needed an excuse to learn programming in C (Neverwinter Nights' NWScript is C-based), here it is.

I faxed the order to Adelong for Trish's PC on Friday; I should have the parts by tomorrow or Tuesday. I also bought her PowerDVD XP 4.0 Deluxe, so she can watch DVDs on the 17" screen she'll be getting.

Last night was good. We wound up going in an hour early to keep the kids occupied while Lesley made the huge Chinese dinner that Dan wanted for his birthday. We got stuck in at around seven, and I wound up driving Dan and Lesley in their car to Hornsby so they could see The Two Towers. Dan's kids were very good while they were out; Gabrielle only needed changing once, and after that, they both slept soundly. Vickie and I were naughty - we did all the washing up. I did sit Vickie down to watch the first couple of episodes of SeaChange, which she'd never seen. She was sort of impressed, but she did note that it needed to warm up a bit more (which it did in later episodes).

I've had a reply to my offer of the 100 megabit Ethernet hub, for which I'm very thankful. We'll see how things go.

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