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Analyse This

(yawn) Evening all! It's been a bit of a long day for the ol' Bob F. today. As I had a lot of analysis work to do, I decided to have a work-from-home day today. I needed to go over some large lists of assets and figure out how many were due to be replaced under my company's contract with our client. It took bloody hours, I tell you. I started in at eight thirty, got my e-mails and routine items out of the way, then got stuck into the first of the big lists. It was actually fourteen separate lists of assets that needed checking, and I couldn't put them into one big one as they were all organised slightly differently, and the people who sent them through wanted them back arranged as they were when they were given to me. In between some other issues that cropped up and an hour for lunch, I wound up finishing at seven PM - and even then, I hadn't done everything I'd wanted to. Still, at least what was left over was comparatively small; barring any incidents, I should be able to knock the remainder over on Monday.

We're still on track for dinner and The Two Towers tomorrow. Mandi asked whether she could come along to the movie, but after we said yes, remembered she had something that might get in the way. We'll see what happens tomorrow night.

Nick was hoping to start off his funky Hot Seat GM idea this weekend. Unfortunately, with the abovementioned plans, I couldn't make it along, although I have the feeling it's still a go-er for everyone else he invited anyway. Best of luck to yez all, but why you bother even trying to make it fun without moi is incomprehensible. ;-D

Anyway, I have a nice tomato soup cooling on the table, so I'd better be off. Catch you all soon!

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