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2002 Christmas Report

Good afternoon! Recovered from all the cheer and the over-eating from Christmas Day yet? We're working on that ourselves.

Now, hands up who's seen The Two Towers already. Come on, you can be honest; the only thing that hasn't stopped us splurging on a pair of tickets ourselves is the fact that we're a little skint after splurging on Christmas prezzies.

Christmas Day actually turned out to be more positive than we'd otherwise thought it would be. We popped around Mum and Dad's for the planned couple of hours before we went over to Dan and Lesley's. We were expecting things to get a little tense between Mum, Dad, Vickie and myself (as they usually do), and there was a tense conversation about the future and grandchildren, but it felt like we'd all finally said some things that needed saying and that it's okay to get along now. After that, things went great, and after having Christmas lunch at Dan and Lesley's, we went back to Mum and Dad's again for a few hours!

Lunch at Dan and Lesley's was good, too. Lesley has a firm open-door policy on Christmas Day, but Vickie and I were the only two to turn up. Most of Lesley's family is overseas, and all of Dan's is as well, so they were halfway expecting it. It was a nice relaxing time, though; I wound up reading their eldest daughter, Emily, a bedtime story from one of her story books. We had the Christmas Day cricket on, and Lesley regaled us with her anecdotes of meeting some UK and Australian cricketers (characters like Dennis Lillee, David Gower, AB and Geoffrey Boycott). She doesn't have a high opinion of some of the previous Australian greats, though, but considering some of her experiences and anecdotes, I can't blame her.

With nothing planned for today, we decided to invite Nick over for a few hours. He brought his PS2 with him, and showed me some of his rally games (for those of you who don't know him, Nick thinks petroleum was created for one purpose and one purpose only: rally). There was an unfortunate incident where Nick, who put his PS2 up vertically, on our rug in front of the TV, moved the rug with his foot; the PS2 came crashing down while Colin McRae Rally 3 was in it. The jolt left a very nasty scuff mark on the surface of the game disk, enough that the PS2 refused to recognise it when he put it back in. As he'd only just received it as a Christmas pressie, he was quite disappointed indeed. Thankfully, we had a CD repair kit on hand; Nick used it successfully on the disk. I subsequently used it on Vickie's Queen Greatest Hits and Fleetwood Mac: The Dance CDs; The Dance seems to be playing fine now, but the Queen Greatest Hits didn't want to know. I think we'll just have to replace that one.

We had a nice chook-and-chips lunch, and Nick introduced Vickie to The Sims. She was still getting used to the interface by the time Nick had to leave (he's picking Jacinta up so they can spend some time together before she heads over to New Zealand for a month), but she thinks she'd play it. I might buy it for her (and maybe for me as well, as the Deluxe Edition is around $40 a copy) sometime. In the meantime, I've sort of nagged Vickie into some more Neverwinter this evening.

Tomorrow's going to be a big housework day for me; between the sun and rain lately, the lawn has exploded and needs a good mowing. Also, Madam Lash needs some TLC with Cameron's Christmas present to us: an Armour All Car Care Kit.

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