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You'd Better Watch Out...

G'morning, everybody! Three sleeps to Christmas! Looking forward to it?

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was good. If you've read the novel, there's very little to surprise you - and on the other hand, I don't think there's anything you can get miffed at the movie-makers for changing. Richard Harris was great, as usual, and although he has a great body of work behind him, his warm and humourous portrayal of Albus Dumbledore will see his memory remain in the minds of the current generation of youngsters for years to come.

It's interesting to see the three stars of the film grow up as they do in the stories, although you start wondering (a) whether Daniel, Rupert and Emma will "out-grow" the shooting schedule, and (b) whether it's good for them to remain on what potentially is a seven-film (if J. K. Rowling keeps to her schedule of seven Potter books) series for their entire adolescence. When will they have time to be teenagers?

As we didn't get out of the house until half past six last night, I didn't wind up picking up any PC case fans. Maybe today, although I'm stretching the budget as is (I have the feeling I didn't carry a one somewhere when I was figuring out how much to withdraw from my savings account), and we still have Die Another Day today.

The Neverwinter Nights web site has posted a new module, with hakpaks, called "Spirit of Christmas". It's a single-area module; a forest grove filled with snow and bauble-festooned Christmas trees. There are also presents (with items inside them!) and a piano (which unfortunately doesn't play). Do any of you guys own NWN? I'm thinking of hosting Spirit of Christmas on my system (well, probably Vickie's system) on Christmas Eve, (say, 7:30 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time Christmas Eve until 1 AM Australian Eastern Daylight Time Christmas Day, so Vickie cam come in after she gets home from work) and having a virtual open-house for friends. I know it's short notice, but I'll stick a poll up to see who'd be interested. If you vote in, or send me an e-mail saying you'll be there, I'll send you the IP address and module password. You'll need to download and install the hakpaks yourselves (don't worry, it's a painless, harmless process; everything's stored in self-extracting executables). If you're going to come in-character, chuck me an e-mail letting me know your character's name (as the host, I'd prefer to know who you are just in case).

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