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Cleaning Keyboards

Afternoon, everyone. It's been a fairly busy morning this morning, especially after a late night last night watching Wonder Boys (great movie, by the way - get it on DVD if you haven't already). Vickie and I took her keys off her keyboard and I cleaned out all the toast crumbs stuck below the keys, and cleaned the keys themselves, while Vickie got stuck into the garden. After the keyboard was re-assembled, I helped out in the garden by sawing off a dead branch of our apricot tree.

Vickie and I have decided that we'll see Harry Potter today and catch Die Another Day, well, another day - the other day in question being tomorrow.

I'm going to buy some case fans for our PCs today. I also want to try out some system tweaks in the latest issue of Australian Personal Computer out of curiosity - maybe I'll squeeze an extra frame per second or a few more 3D Mark points out of it. Not that I've even installed 3D Mark since the last upgrade...

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