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Requiescat in Pace, Alexander Farquhar

Dad called me at seven AM. My Grandad - his Dad - died a few hours earlier. Grandad had been admitted to hospital with chest pains, and while Heather (my aunt and Dad's sister) went home to get some things for him, he suffered a massive heart attack.

It's sad news, and it probably would've affected me more if I were still living in the UK. The last time I actually saw Grandad was in 1995, when Mum, Dad, Trish and I went back for a Christmas, "high school's over" holiday. I've spoken to him on the phone occasionally, but over the past several years, he became a little crotchety and hypochondriac, pestering Grandma and Heather and being generally trying.

Still, I have fond memories of Grandad. I'll miss him - and I hope Dad's coping okay.

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