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Dude, Where's My (thingy)?

Sorry, guys; couldn't resist another update.

It's on the general topic of Nick Irving's Achtung! Wo Ist Mein Panzerkampfer? Ever since Nick came up with it, he's been peppered with suggestions of similar games in other genres. Gav and I came up with a few:

  • TK-421, Where's My AT-AT? (Gav), where five stormtroopers wake up after a night in the Mos Eisley cantina and can't find where they left the General's walker.
  • Anakin, Where's My Lightsabre? (Gav)
  • Gollum, Where's My Ring? (Me), where five Ring Wraiths hung over from one too many pints of mead at the Prancing Pony bumble from town to town in a wacky Middle Earth, trying to find their master's missing One Ring; the only clues they have are that it's with some guy named "Shire" in a place called "Baggins". A fun little romp accompanied by lots of bitching about just whose bright idea it was to accept the Nine Rings in the first place.

Has anyone else come up with any? Can you think of any? Suggestions/ideas in e-mail, please, or if you're an IMAGinewS member, please send them there for discussion; I intend to post a few with full credit to the originator.

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