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Random Pre-Christmas Gaming Stuff

(Yawn) Afternoon all! Just got up after trying to catch a couple more hours of sleep. Party was great all round; great food (thanks be to the Vickie for all her hard work), great company (thanks be to all you cats who turned up) and just a dash of great gaming (thanks be to the Xbox and that fourth controller I bought). People came and went at various times, and Vickie and I finally got to bed somewhere between three and four this morning; Gav, Rog and Mandi, our sleeping-over crew, stayed up and chatted for another hour or so. Rog wandered off at around twenty to nine, I ran Gav to MacquarieCon for nine o'clock and Mandi headed out at around one PM.

It's stinking hot up here at the moment; the only reason I'm actually awake right now is because I'm sweating too much to sleep comfortably. I can't smell any smoke in the air; hopefully this hot spell won't touch off another run of bushfires. Thankfully, there's not much housework to do. Vickie and I got the washing-up done last night, while the party was winding down.

On the bad news front, we learned that someone broke into Nick's palace (see, that was originally "palce", a typo of "place", and I just clicked on "Change" without seeing what the spell checker suggested, but after seeing Nick's home, I think the spell checker got it right) and stole his Apple Mac a few days ago; not only was the act a bastard in itself, but all of his notes for Achtung, Wo Ist Mein Panzerkampfer?, the Gear Krieg module he was going to run at MacquarieCon, were on the hard drive. Somehow, probably from the sheer amount of work he's put into it over thew past year, he was able to cobble together something playable from his random, scattered paper-notes and his gaming lizard hind-brain and get into MacCon, where he's been nigh running himself into the ground with packed sessions (how he had time to drag his lady Jacinta along to our party last night with another game at 9AM today [which, coincidentally, Gav was playing in], I don't know). Right now, though, thanks to some fucker's despicable act, he has no access to e-mail, and that, coupled with the loss of his mobile, he's halfway uncontactable (at least, by modern standards). We didn't catch whether anything else was removed form his domicile, but after our break-in last year, where the thief netted over ten grand worth of Vickie's jewellery, we can certainly empathise. All our best wishes to you, mate.

Speaking of MacquarieCon, we might try to organise our next Christmas party for the weekend before (or after, depending on the date they choose to run MacCon and the overall layout of next year's calendar). That way, I can drop in and/or maybe even write a module for it. (And in between, I might even write Honour and the Game up in HTML for the web site.)

And while we're on the general gaming topic, I'd like to thank Nick and Dan for the loan of the Star Wars Revised Core Rulebook and Hero System 5th Edition, respectively. Both have been interesting from a prospective purchaser point of view, but the latter has been handy for me to understand exactly what's going on with the rules of Dan's Champions campaign. Vickie's also asked me to sit her down and explain this whole roleplaying game rules thing to her sometime soon.

On site business, thank you to everyone who voted in the poll on the What I'm Doing/Reading/Watching sub-section of the site; the vote was unanimously for it. So I'll get stuck into adding it over the next week. Are there any particular things about my current situation that you guys are interested in? PC/Xbox Games? Movies? Comics? Web articles? Suggestions, please, to my e-mail address.

Just ten days until Christmas! Are you counting the days? Made up your list for Santa? I notice that the majority of you who've voted think you'll be on Santa's list of nice boys and girls, and I'm wondering whom one or two of you are trying to fool. ;-D When we were at Dan and Lesley's place last, there was some discussion as to what we should bring when we visit them on Christmas Day. I jokingly suggested the Xbox, which Lesley sternly rebuked, And I shrugged my shoulders and said that I ought to save it until Boxing Day - or Xboxing Day, as may be more appropriate. I've entertained the idea of celebrating Xboxing Day at our place by getting some of you gaming nuts over (with the odd thought of Cameron bringing his Xbox and TV for some system-link fun), but I have this feeling that Vickie would kill me if I tried it.

Oh yeah; you remember that Heavy Gear mapsheet I spilled Coke on? It dried so well that you'd hardly know it had had anything spilled on it; the ink didn't even run at all! Thank you Dream Pod 9 for your quality product!

And finally, it's the last day of MacquarieCon today. In fact, as I write this (at half past six PM), I imagine prize-giving is underway; it may even be that the crew has packed up and charged off to the pub (most likely the Off Broadway in the city) for the usual piss-up. Is anyone going to be putting a post-con report together? If so, I'd like to read it.

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