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Massively Multi-Poster Online Ranting, Pontification and Gossip

Bloody heck! I go to work for a day and look what happens! Thirty-eight posts on the IMAGinewS list! It looks like there'll be a few people signing up with Optus at Strathfield Car Radios to get a free Xbox. I just followed up Marcus' solid research with a look at the Strathfield web site, and if the ad in their catalogue is any indication, it's the basic set (console, standard controller, composite adaptor cable, no games) with a Controller S either as well as or in place of the standard Controller (that might be bait-and-switch, though, I dunno).

In the middle of all that, though, a discussion on fashion sprung up out of nowhere, followed immediately by a debate on the relative merits of sanity, and then amputation and twelve-year-old-girls somehow crept in. I know we're all crazy as fruitbats, but the nature of the psychoses of some of us is beginning, if you'll pardon the pun, to disturb me.

But enough of that. Despite my having fuck-all idea of what to do for the Fireteam sessions, they went off almost without a hitch - I managed to knock Mandi's glass of Coke all over one of my mapsheets yesterday. I have several more, but it was a bit of a pain. But still, despite my blathering beforehand, everything went pretty smoothly. Still, I went to work today thinking, "Ooo er. Forgot about that. And that. Oh, and that..." The sort of things that might have made the outcome of the weekend's skirmishes quite different... Well, that's what next session is for. I think I'll set up a big map, get all the players on it, then drop them right in. I'll illustrate what I have in mind in the Training Report that I shall write...

This week is going to be fairly frantic. Vickie's going to be dashing around tomorrow doing the shopping for the Christmas party on Saturday (so those of you coming, be sure to be extra nice to her). I'm going to be contributing by buying that extra Xbox Controller. Yeah, I know, you don't have to tell me. Still, when I ask Vickie if I can help in the kitchen, she usually tells me I can help by stay out of it. ;-D Thursday night is the Soup Plus night, and Friday is my work Christmas party (Vickie's asked me whether I'm going to behave; I have no idea what she's on about). Vickie's work's Christmas party was last Friday - yes, her work night. In fact, she was asked whether she could go in early so one of the others could go home and change.

Still, even with all the scrambling around preparing beforehand and cleaning up afterward, we're really looking forward to the party.

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