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Feeling the Heat

Evening, folks. If, like Vickie and I, you're in the Sydney area, you have our hopes that you're not in an at-risk fire area; if you are, our best wishes. At the moment, we know that Gav and family, and Dan, Lesley and their littlies, are close to a big blaze that jumped Berowra Creek this afternoon; we also strongly suspect that Notlih and his family may be at risk, as Galston Road has been closed. All our hopes to you. We'd also like to send a special wish to Baz, who's a volunteer firefighter; I think he'll have been called in by now. Don't eat too much smoke out there, bro.

There's a fire burning in Wahroonga, not far from us, but we had ones there last year, and they didn't climb the valley to get to us. There was also another fire in Thornleigh a day or two ago, but it appears to have either burned itself out or been extinguished.

In a total and utter change of subject, I'd like to welcome two new subscribers to the IMAGinewS list: the ALpha (we will learn more of his wisdom later) and je1505, whom we think may be a good friend from Mexico (y' know - South of the Border).

It's official - Soup Plus closes on Saturday, December the Fourteenth. For those of you who don't know it, it's a jazz restaurant at 383 George Street, Wynyard, and it's been host to some great local acts. Yes, Vickie and I were planning to go in this evening, and Gav and Mandi were coming with us - but Gav has quite wisely decided to stick it out at home, in case he and his family need to pack and git, and we decided that we'd prefer to be here at home for our friends in case they need somewhere to go after packing and gitting. Still, we're planning to re-book for next Thursday, and if more of you would like to come along, please let us know by, say, Monday and we'll book a table. I recommend it; the food is cheap but good and you'll have the last chance to sample some of the Soup's unique atmosphere. (Vickie's laughing; she calls it a dive, and I sort of agree with her, but it's a dive like they just don't make 'em any more.)

We're going to nip out tonight to eat out and do some Christmas present shopping. I'll most likely be working from home tomorrow, just in case we're needed to dash somewhere in Madam Lash and help a friend in need.

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