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Shelving, Shopping and Shlepping off to a Party

This also allowed us to re-organise the book shelves in the living room (they're now organised roughly by genre) and made some more room on the computer room shelves for me to put the RPG books I retrieved from Mum & Dad's. I also put my miniatures gaming boards (two thin 3' by 4' pieces of wood painted green on one side and gray on the other) in the wardrobe in the spare room, covered by a plastic drop-sheet so they won't rub against - and possibly leave paint on - any clothes in there. (Yes, folks, this does mean I'm now fully geared up again for Necromunda or any other mini gaming you cats want to do.)

We also bought a new computer chair for Vickie (the gas bottle on her old one had given up the ghost) and some china cooking bowls. All up, we paid $60, including delivery, for the lot. Good shopping on Vickie's part, eh? After we paid for the lot and arranged for them to be delivered, we replenished our pantry at Coles Asquith (which is a much more pleasant shopping experience than the one in Hornsby; we might just make it our regular shopping venue) and headed for home, wherein we re-organised the shelves and took delivery of the new ones.

Nicholas J. Irving sent us an invitation on Monday night to his house party last night. We were hesitant in replying; Jake Surman's birthday was recently, and he's having trouble organising a party. We didn't have any plans for this weekend, and we were going to give first dibs to Jake, but we didn't hear from him by Saturday morning. I sent an e-mail off to Nick before we went shopping, asking for his address. (You see, we didn't know it and his invitation didn't bloody include it or his home phone number, did it now?) However, when we got back, Bigpond Cable had dropped out. An automated message on their tech support line said the problem was nationwide, and gave a service-restoration estimate of six PM. No such luck; when we tried again just before midnight, it was still down and the message had revised the estimate to 9 AM today. We had no way of knowing whether Nick had seen it and replied. (He hadn't; the bastard didn't even check all day. Yes, I know he's probably reading this.) We wound up frantically trying to reach Gav, who has a new mobile phone. (He did mention it at one point, but I thought I had it already. Silly me; the number I had was for the old family mobile, so I got his Mum instead, who told me to call home after six when his sister got in.) I finally reached Gav while he was trekking from Roseville station to Nick's place, and he gave me the address.

Anyway, enough slagging off Nick, no matter how much he may deserve it; he's a lovely bloke, really. He also has a fine taste in friends (which ought to be obvious from the fact that Vickie and I are two of them, but I digress); we met Matty (who's a DJ), Ness (whom I actually knew already but didn't recognise at first; she's the younger sister of a bloke I knew from the Dark Days [high school]), Bill (who is a fellow gamer), Jason and Anne, and a few others whose names I can't remember, but good, fun and interesting people, all. Vickie reckons she shocked Matty by absolutely not giving a stuff that he was cutting up weed, and judging from the giggling going on out on the balcony, there was a goodly portion of the party goers getting a little high. Oh yeah, speaking of the balcony: Nick's family home is a gorgeous place, with a fine view of Middle Harbour (marred only by the Roseville Bridge). I was plotting to kill them all and move into the place.

The occasion that prompted the party was jackass night on MTV, in conjunction with the upcoming jackass the movie. This was the first time we'd had any serious exposure to jackass, and I think we were both rather surprised at how funny we found a lot of it. Vickie had the presence of mind to have a ciggie out on the balcony through most of it, but I stayed and watched quite a bit. Most everyone found it hilarious, but although there were a few inventive skits, and schadenfreude is always somewhat fun, I'm rather thankful it's only available on cable. (We don't have and don't particularly want it, and jackass didn't serve to change our minds.)

There was also some GTA3 going on on PS2 when we arrived, but I wasn't particularly interested. I was exposed, though, to the first episode of Invader Zim, which Nick had downloaded on the family Apple. A few people in the 28 Barbary Lane forum love it to bits, and I can kind of see why. It's one of those quirky, offbeat cartoons that aren't quite what you expect. The dialogue was a lot less weird than I was expecting, but the whole thing was still very funny!

We left at just after eleven, and gave Gav a lift home.

We sent out a reminder for our Christmas party, and some more responses came trickling in, but there are still several people whom we've not heard from. After today, we're assuming that anyone who hasn't replied isn't coming and won't be catered for, so if you'd like to, can you please let us know by this evening? And as I wrote in a supplementary mailout yesterday, if we left you off the list by accident, can you give us a hoy?

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