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No Idle Hands Here

Hello there! Looks like November is going to be a rant-free month; I couldn't think of anything to harp on about.

It's been a fairly busy week, especially for Vickie. She's been going mad about the house; last Sunday, we bought some curtain fabric, and on Monday, while I was at work, Vickie did the big bedroom swap, clothes, furniture, beds and all. Our bedroom is now the previous spare room, and the spare is now our old bedroom. The new one is a little larger and quite a bit brighter of a morning.

Between Tuesday and Thursday, Vickie did quite a bit of tidying. She's put hooks up in our hallway cupboard, so we can hang up brooms, vacuum cleaner hoses, backpacks and the like. She's re-curtained our new room and the computer room. She's re-organised the computer room cupboard, so that everything is neatly sorted away. (She's even fixed up the loo roll holder in the bathroom!)

What have I done to help? Well, so far, I've brought home a stack of books and comics that I'd left at Mum and Dad's after I moved out, thereby making a mess of the computer room again. Yes, Vickie was thrilled. You should have heard how thrilled se was after I brought her home last night...

The science fiction club meeting at Hornsby on Thursday night was good. There were about eight of us in attendance in total. We talked a little about the science fiction we liked, and picked two books that we would read, one for a December meeting and one for January. The December one is Across The Nightingale Floor, by Lian Hearn, which Vickie already has and is reading. The January one is Neil Gaiman's American Gods. We picked that one up after the meeting, and I'm getting stuck into it at the moment. It's good reading so far.

Dan's Champions session was good fun. Unfortunately, John and Roger couldn't make it, so it was just Gav, Vickie and I playing. I've been peppering Dan with character questions since then, and have been re-working Turbine's skills and disadvantages a little.

We don't have any real plans for this weekend; Jake was going to have his birthday party, but that fell through. He's trying to organise a small get-together instead of a party now; he's thinking dinner with Komala, us, Cameron and Linda. The main problem is Cameron's busy work schedule. Not only that, but the Fire Team sessions for Heavy Gear next weekend keep us out of the picture for a few days, and the Saturday after that is our Christmas party.

Speaking of our Christmas party, we have had very few replies from the people we sent invitations to, and we do need an idea of numbers by tomorrow, so we can start buying supplies. So, if you have an invitation, can you please send us an e-mail, or give us a phone call, this weekend? Please?

I'm thinking of adding a further self-indulgence to the site; a couple of lines like "What I'm Reading", "Last Movie I Saw At The Cinema", "Computer/Video Game I'm Playing" sort of thing. The "What I'm Reading" I think will serve as a tie-in to the Borders SFF Book Club meetings. What do you think?

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