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Making the Bed (in the Garden)

As the French national TV host once said, "Evening, Gaul!" Pretty busy week, especially Wednesday. Three meetings in the city; two client meetings and one with a project planner for a major client relocation. You'd think I was becoming important or something...

Steve arrived on Sunday and put the border around the garden bed. He didn't have any soil himself, but he'd ordered some in for Monday. It arrived in the afternoon, and although Vickie said she'd leave some shovelling for me, I arrived home to find it all in the bed. So, I helped with planting the roses. We also spread sugar cane mulch across the new bed and both of the existing beds at the front of the house. We think that'll protect the beds from the elements and the exhaust fumes from Pennant Hills Road.

The real estate agent called; the inspector who was going to be stopping by on Tuesday suddenly had a very full itinerary, so was it all right if another inspector stopped by on Thursday instead? We said fine; it gave us another couple of days to get the tidying up done. The inspector was mightily impressed, and we presented her with a list of things that need fixing up, including some tiling that's coming away from the kitchen wall and a dry rot problem in the back porch. We'd also like a line put in for an aerial; our set-top job gets shitty reception. Considering we've just spent roughly $750 to a grand on improving the value of the place, we think the landlord will be amenable.

We went into Hornsby to re-stock our larder last night, and did a little more Christmas shopping while we were there. I think it's safe to say that we've bought each other our prezzies; aside from various books, we went halves in the Collector's Edition The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring DVD. Four whole DVDs packed with goodness, two of which are the movie (with 30 minutes of added footage) with DTS 5.1 surround (no, we don't have the speakers to utilise it) and three separate commentary tracks; the other two are Making Of DVDs. We stayed up and watched the first movie DVD, and by God, it's worth every dollar. I'm very glad we held off buying the regular DVD set.

We also picked up a slip from Borders (where we bought the DVD set) that was advertising the first meeting of a science fiction and fantasy book club from 7 PM onward. We'll be going along, and if any of you nuts feel like coming along too, we'd love to meet you there! (There, of course, being Borders Hornsby.)

I had lunch with John Tuggey today in the Food Court of the Westfield near work. These folks had this display table set up, and they were marketing the smallest bloody remote controlled cars I've ever seen. They were maybe an inch-and-a-half long, and they came with a simple remote control, and they dashed about like nothing else! They're $30 each, or $25 each if you buy four or more. I couldn't afford one, so I didn't bother, but my manager's partner's got one, and they're getting two more for their kids.

Tomorrow night, we're back off to Dan and Lesley's for Dan's Champions game. Dan forwarded me my character sheet in Excel format; that's how complex the bastard (and, by extension, the Hero System itself) is. I mean, the spreadsheet had four separate worksheets, half of which were full with stats and skills and such. I definitely have a few questions! I think I'll try calling him tonight.

And maybe on Sunday, we might have the time to relax...

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