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Two Redheads

Morning all! Big tidy-up day today; our real-estate agent is due over tomorrow to perform the mandatory bi-annual inspection. Steve the Handyman is also due to turn up today with a load of soil and assorted garden stuff.

Well, yesterday was good fun. I had my haircut in the morning, and the girls at the hairdresser's down the road insisted on putting some colour through my hair! They decided on red, as they thought it'd match Vickie's. So I came out of there with a nice shade of mahogany, which surprised both Vickie and Notlih! Vickie actually thinks a cobalt blue would suit me better. I tell you what, though; having a bit of colour in my hair was fun! It washed out in the shower, though (which I had before going to bed last night).

Notlih's party wasn't a huge one, thankfully. Still, there were a couple of people who weren't there that I was hoping would turn up; Steven Boddy for example. It's been a couple of years at least since I've seen that lunatic.

Oh yeah; Banger Sisters was a giggle last week. Goldie Hawn, Susan Sarandon and Geoffrey Rush were all fantastic. As we saw a preview, you should be able to catch it soon.

Oh yeah; I forgot to mention that we bought a rug for the living room last week. It's gone in that big space on the floor in font of the bookcase, and it really goes well with the curtains.

The Xbox Live service went... well, live in the US a couple of days ago. So far, there's not a murmur on an Australian release; I think perhaps Microsoft is waiting to see how well it performs in its core market before releasing it elsewhere. Then again, Europe is in beta-testing, and an e-mail I sent to Microsoft about Xbox Live in Australia was replied to with "We don't have any release information for Australia yet for Xbox Live but when we do we will post it on the [Xbox AU] site." Note the use of when, not if. And how the heck would I set it up if I got it? I'd need to set up the hub and run an RJ45 cable from the computer room to the living room! Bugger taping it to the floor - I'd probably drill another hole in the living room and the computer room, and run the cable under the house! Then I'd need a cable long enough... Of course, there's then the question of whether I'd be allowed to drill holes in the floor... or whether we even have a drill that can do it!

On the topic of the Xbox, Microsoft has posted a report on the financial losses of their home entertainment division, the primary focus of which is the Xbox. I've had a few people comment that the Xbox is probably doomed considering the powder Microsoft has taken financially, but when you look at the overall profit of Microsoft and that it "plans to spend $2 billion to establish the Xbox console in the market", it seems that reports of the Xbox's demise are greatly exaggerated. Granted, a company doesn't like making losses anywhere, and the price wars in the console sector over the past several months may well have obliterated Microsoft's initial profit projections on the unit, but considering that the Xbox has out-sold Nintendo's Game Cube recently (and, to my knowledge, Nintendo doesn't have any other product beyond consoles, games and associated marketing franchises like cartoons), MS is probably still seeing their unit as a viable contender in the market.

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