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Pre-Inspection Jitters

Hi everyone! It's been a sweltering past few days, as anyone else in the Sydney area would know. You know that saying, "it's not the heat that kills you, it's the humidity"? Bullshit. We've been making a few attempts to spruce this place up, as we reckoned it's about time for another inspection from the real estate. Also, we have Steve the handyman dropping over sometime soon to put some soil down for us in the bed on the slope by the driveway; we want to try and breathe some life back into it. We were pulling up the lilies in that bed on Thursday, and once that was done, we started seeing to the dying honeysuckle that runs along our fence. Our next-door neighbour saw us trying to get into it with a couple of secateurs, asked us to wait, and brought his brushcutter around! (He runs his own garden-trimming business.) Needless to say, he made short work of the honeysuckle, even stamping it all down into the garden waste bin with his garden boots (I had sandals on at the time, so I wasn't game to try). We're very thankful to him.

It's been a good week at work, what with having two new people in our area; I'm training up one to handle the lower end of my workload, while the other (the aforementioned John Tuggey) is getting stuck into the neglected, complex areas of our function; he's actually writing a lot of processes from scratch.

Cameron dropped over last night; we both discovered that Sega Soccer Slam can be played with up to three people (each one can take a single player on a side). I don't know whether it can utilise a system-link, which (if you had two Xboxes) would theoretically allow six players (three a side). Either way, I think that three players, while fun, might be tricky against a computer side, especially if you're not co-ordinating to well.

We went shopping today, buying some birthday presents and doing some Christmas shopping. We've got some pretty natty gifts so far, as well as some good stuff for our place. The "Space Bags" we bought will come in handy; you pack clothes or manchester in them, attach a vacuum cleaner and suck all the air out; everything packs down really tightly. After that, we saw The Transporter. The verdict: Good fun. If there was one annoying thing, it was that that cool-looking sequence they keep showing in the ads and trailers - where Jason Statham's character changes the course of a shoulder-launched rocket with a pie tray - wasn't in the film. That's something I've noticed lately - whole sequences that're used to promote films aren't actually in the films themselves.

But don't let that stop you from going to see The Transporter. Good, cool action movie, and Jason Statham does it very smoothly!

We're going to be fairly busy over the next few days. We're due for another inspection from the real estate folks, so we're going to make sure the place is ship-shape before they arrive. We'll also be putting that List of Requirements I mentioned in the last rant together. We still have that mattress and base set, if anyone wants them.

As last year's Christmas party was lots of fun, we've started planning this year's. The invitations have already gone out, so everyone has plenty of time to RSVP. Unfortunately, we set the date - December 14th - during the MacquarieCon weekend, so Honour and the Regiment is off for this year, and as the weekend is going to be preparation for and recovery from the party, I'm not sure if we'll be able to stop in. This gives me a bit more time to work on those Fireteam sessions, but as this is a fairly busy month for everyone, I'm not sure when those will be.

So, tomorrow, it's wash the car and do some tidying up. After that, we're off to see The Banger Sisters preview screening at Greater Union in Hornsby. Some work, then some play!

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