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Try feeling the pea under this!

Hello and good evening! Dan and Lesley's party - well, actually, it was their daughter Gabrielle's party, but she's not the greatest conversationalist yet (being one year old) - was good fun. We met a whole bunch of their rellies and friends, including John from D&D's wife and kids. John's got out of real estate and into software sales, and he looks happier and healthier for it.

I nipped home from work early today, although it still took me about two hours to get home; I had a meeting in the city, so I went up the North Shore line planning to get a connection at Hornsby - and I had to wait twenty-two minutes for it. Why did I leave early? Oh yeah: Vickie ordered us a new bed, and it's huge. It's a queen size, like our old one, but the base and mattress are so thick that the upper surface is nearly three feet off the floor! Vickie's going to need a step up! We're thinking of swapping bedrooms with the larger guest room this weekend, so that'll keep us busy.

This means we have an old bed ensemble that we want to get rid of. The base is still good, and although the mattress is giving a bit, it's still sleepable. If any of you cats can come in and take them away, they're yours.

You know how I mentioned The Banger Sisters last weekend? Actually, the coupon we have is good for this coming Sunday, only, so it'll be this weekend instead. We'll see if we can squeeze The Transporter in as well: it looks like an absolute blast.

I've been surfing the Apple.com QuickTime Trailers page a bit lately, and there's some interesting stuff coming up, especially this Ray Liotta film called Narc. It looks like your usual good cop (Internal Affairs)/bad cop (is he a good guy or a bad guy) movie, but it has Ray Liotta looking a little wider and quite a bit more intense than usual. Vickie said he reminded her of Oliver Reed, and I can see what she means. Not sure if we'll bother with Crackerjack or The Guru, though: I'm not fond of Mick Molloy's flavour of comedy (unless it has a liberal dash of Tony Martin with it) and even though The Guru has the always-good Marisa Tomei, the overall plot and subject matter don't seem inspiring.

There've been some e-mails flying around between my players about the Black Talon Fire Team sessions. I'll respond to them, guys, I promise. Soon. Ish. And I still need to get writing on Honour and the Regiment...

On a gaming thread, here's something I stumbled across on GameSpot: Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. It's a SimThemePark sort of game - except you make your own Jurassic Park and populate it with dinosaurs, which look to be the coolest and most interesting part of the game. They, along with everything else, will be rendered in full 3D, and to quote the article, "each dinosaur has unique AI that's completely unscripted. Carnivores will prey on herbivores, aggressive dinosaurs will fight over territory, and weaker species will band together in packs for protection." What I want to know is, will the T-Rex eat tourists if it gets loose? (I mean, come on, it;s not Jurassic Park unless the T-Rex gets loose at least once.) Oh, and will the game have Richard Attenborough's voice? It's coming out on PC, Xbox and PS2, but although I have no doubts you'll be able to play it capably with the Xbox's controller, I think I'll get the PC version - I just think it'll be easier to navigate a top-down park-building game with a mouse.

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