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Fuzion Frenzy Fun

Let me just say this: With one player, Fuzion Frenzy isn't much cop. With two, it's okay. With three, it's more fun than a whole barrel of fuckin' monkeys. With four players? I really don't know yet, as I only have three Xbox controllers and so far only the opportunity to play it with two other people - but I imagine it'd be one of those "Most Fun You Can Have With Your Clothes On" things. Half of the enjoyment is giggling at yourself and each other as you stuff up horribly. Not all of the minigames are good - it's hard to tell which way you're facing in the whack-an-insect ones - but most are at least fun if you have more players than CPU players.

How do I know all this? Cameron and Linda (Cameron's lady) were just over, and after a big jaw-session where Cameron and I reminisced about High School (a.k.a. The Bad Old Days), Cameron talked Linda into playing some FF. Fun was had. Add this to some FF played with Jake and Komala (where my arse was handed to me, but fun was had nonetheless) and I'd say I have a fair idea of the fun quotient of Fuzion Frenzy.

Oh, yes: Sega Soccer Slam can be played multiplayer - only one other player, though (I think). It has enough of a learning curve that precludes it from being a really great party game (it's simply not as pick-up-and-play as Fuzion Frenzy) but it has a good sense of humour and I'd say would be a better spectator's game than FF.

As Mandi is so keen on orgainsing Fire Team meetings for Black Talon I think I'm going to have to bow to popular demand. However, I'll see if I can squeeze Honour and the Regiment in there. Not sure when I'll be able to squeeze the requisite writing in, though; it's going to be a fairly busy weekend. We're heading off to Dan and Leslie's on Saturday for their youngest's birthday, and we're going to see if we can squeeze a session of The Banger Sisters in as well (our Greater Union Cinema Club membership gives us two $9 tickets). There's also a mow to be lawned sometime, and various other cleany-up and sorty-out thingies to be done. You know - those thingies what you got to do every so offen.

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