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Daylight Saving Sucks

Hi everyone! Is anybody missing the hour of sleep they've effectively lost with the clocks going forward? We are, a little, especially after last night. It went off well, despite the fact that I'd only done a lot of the prep work (which wasn't too much) that day. It did identify a few things I could have done better, though.

On the plus side, everyone had a good time; the players are really coming together and getting a hang of how Heavy Gear does things. Heck, so am I!

It's still a little disconcerting to have the computer room so darned quiet; neither of our PC fans make that much noise. I've caught myself panicking when I hit the On switch for my PC; for an instant, I think it's not working!

We've been talking about having a Christmas party at our place again this year, but I've yet to do anything about actually sending invitations and the like. Must do something about that.

Tonight's the big comedy debate, so we'll be getting ourselves sorted to head into town this afternoon. We're definitely looking forward to it!

I also want to do a little maintenance on the Black Talon site sometime. I have character notes from almost everyone, and they've given me carte blanche to mutilate them into online write-ups. This should be fun... :-D I also want to put up some notes on the NPCs they've met so far.

Time to go to work...

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