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Rebuilding the Red Dragon

Evening all! Or, I suppose, Morning All would be more appropriate. It's twenty minutes to midnight as I start writing this, and considering the reason I'm up so late, it'll likely be gone twelve by the time this gets posted. Ah, well...

So what am I doing? Re-installing Windows XP on Vickie's PC. For some odd reason - and I have this sneaking suspicion that the "odd reason" was the drivers for the CanoScan FB610 - it kept blue-screening during shutdown or restart, and would automatically reboot, which is annoying, especially if you're trying to turn your machine off. Still, a clean re-install and a careful following-of-instructions when it came to the drivers seems to have fixed the problem. I'm just re-loading all Vickie's documents from my hard drive now.

I took yesterday off work to do the work. The new motherboards and processors are in both our PCs, and a new power supply has been installed in Vickie's PC, as has a new video card. The wonderful thing is, with the cases closed the fans are as quiet as mice. It's great to be able to sit at my PC and not be distracted by the fan noise, which was comparable to a miniature jet engine - although, on the other hand, I can no longer fire up my PC with friends around and watch them act like Kenny Loggins is about to burst through the door singing "Danger Zone"...

Red Dragon was good on Monday night. Although Edward Norton was good as the protagonist, and Anthony Hopkins was back in the Hannibal Lecter groove with not a stumble, I think the most memorable performance was from Ralph Fiennes, playing the villain in such a sympathetic fashion that we couldn't quite hate him. What really made the night, though, were the appearances of not only director Brett Ratner, but also Sir Anthony Hopkins himself, to introduce the movie. Yes, Sir Anthony was actually there. He stood at the front of the theatre, said hello, gave his commiserations over Bali and enthused about what a great experience he had with Brett Ratner. It was hard to match this grandfatherly figure with the sleek, deadly presence on screen.

After the movie, Brett Ratner came back and did a Q&A with James Valentine of the ABC, and fielded questions from the audience. It was very interesting to see the man in the flesh, especially as Red Dragon was a serious departure for him: his most famous movies so far are the Rush Hour series.

Vickie's home, and is grousing about how nothing's working, so I'd better get back to it. ;-)

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